May 242017

This one started going around on G+ last week and even made the migration over to Facebook. So a bucket of mini’s and stuff for just under $10. I had to give it chance.
Here’s the gang of mini’s. I think the distribution is random because I got a bunch of the Legolas clones. But I got at least 4 or 5 of each coming to just over 40 miniatures.

So what do you get? Well, there’s the dragon, an elf, a female rogue/ranger with two swords, a Conan type guy, a berserker/warrior/Dwarf?, a stumpy handed orcd and two types of female sorceresses (one looks kind of evil). As you can see they are bigger than your standard D&D type 25/28 mm mini.

And here we go again.

And just like those commercials on TV. But wait there’s more. You get some terrain tidbits too. A couple of pillars with shields. A bridge. Some various rocks. A tombstone. A circular thing (magic circle) with odd things for flair. And a bunch of candles. On the site it shows trees but I didn’t get any.

Overall, I’d say it was pretty good haul for some cheap mini’s and swag. I saw prices of like $30 on Amazon and if my research is correct the reason for that is that these are a Toys R Us exclusive. Like I said you can grab them up for less than there and here’s the link.

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  1. I picked this up about a month ago. I grabbed the Pirate one also and got a bunch of skeleton pieces and some treasure chests.

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