Nov 132012

I was going through my dice bags the other day and there it was my hefty d30. I hadn’t used that thing in years but it’s still there ready and waiting.
I’ve got plenty of charts and stuff to use it with but I don’t why I rarely do. Right now, it’s easy to figure out. I’m not playing or running a game that would use any of those charts. But I still miss the guy.
There’s plenty of stuff out there just do a little Google search and you’ll see. But I just don’t think that this handy dandy tool is remembered enough. On my very long to do list is make up a note book of all those neat d30 charts and probably make some of my own. Crits, fumbles, encounters and random treasure, The usual stuff but still fun.
Yes, I know this is a rambling post. I do that sometimes.

  2 Responses to “The Noble d30”

  1. Just found your site and this post, and I’m not sure you’ve seen my d30 DM Companion, or know that I’m currently working on a d30 Sandbox Companion (should be available by the end of this month).

    I’ve been a fan of the d30 for years, and still (at some point) plan on publishing an old-school RPG that uses the d30 exclusively for all rolls.

  2. Yep, I’ve seen it and it’s on my wish list. Gonna pick it up on my shopping spree.

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