Jan 242012

This crazy idea just popped into my head late last night. Here’s your challenge. Take your favorite Tome of Terrible Monsters. Pick your 20 favorites of varying HD and then build a little sand box based campaign around that.
Sounds pretty easy. Let’s face we have tons of books with hundreds of monsters. You don’t need all of them, all of the time. A whole cohesive little playground can be built around just a few. Just play around with that and see what happens. Enjoy!

  3 Responses to “The “It Only Takes 20” Challenge”

  1. Hmm. That would be really interesting, actually. You’d need to pick fairly carefully, in order to cover your niches. But, it would certainly undercut the “seventy-billion only slightly different humanoid” problem. I think I’m going to do up a post on my choices!

  2. Real life has reared it’s ugly head but I’ll be throwing up my own little example.

  3. FWIW, I posted my choice of 20 monsters. It was both easier and harder than I expected.


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