Jun 092014

It’s out and yes this one of the few Kickstarters I backed in recent history. So what the heck is it? The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence is a gonzo mini-setting/adventure/hex crawl for old school RPG’s by Kort’thalis Publishing whom you may remember from Liberation of the Demonslayer. And as usual, I’ll do my best to avoid any spoilers.

Yes, there's booty on the cover.

Yes, there’s booty on the cover.

It’s got a strong gonzo/Lovecraftian/science fantasy vibe going. Basically, if you haven’t quite picked up the inspiration for the cover that carries through to the book, here you go.
There’s a strong influence from Heavy Metal and Carcosa. It’s sort of like Expedition to the Barrier Peaks on steroids and acid. Characters run across things from different times, worlds, and even dimensions. You’ve got mutants, bikers, aliens, robots, demons, and tentacled horrors. It’s pretty crazy. The module really goes off of the traditional fantasy adventure path. As I was reading it, I couldn’t help but think that this might make a really cool adventure for Mutant Future rather than your run of the mill fantasy game. Some of the treasure that characters could end up with is pretty interesting. I mean how many of you youngsters out there have seen a VHS or 8-track tape?
Like I said, it’s a mini-setting/hex crawl so there’s a whole series of events/encounters (some of them connected) throughout the map. There’s some pretty deadly encounters. There’s almost too many “Rocks Fall. Everybody Dies.” type events. And I’m not just talking Total Party Kill. More like Total Planet Kill. But that’s something that’s easily tweakable. Much like any other module I read now days, I imagine hacking it apart and use bits and pieces here and there in different campaigns or for inspiration for my own imagination.
So what can you do with The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence? Obviously, you can just run it. But it’s also easy to take it and dissect it into smaller bits for crazy encounters or even adventure seeds. There’s a bevy of new monsters, magic items, and spells to tempt the player characters. So there’s plenty of things GM’s can use for this adventure or others.
If you’re looking for some Gonzo Lovecraftian Heavy Metal Weird Science Fantasy type action that’s not for the faint of heart then here you go.

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  1. Just stumbled upon your review. Thanks for the write-up, hoss!

  2. No prob. Glad I backed the Kickstarter.

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