The Dollar Store Dungeons Project

The folks over at Blade & Crown have a great idea. Spend $10 at the dollar store and be creative about what you can do for your game.
That’s one of the primary things that this blog is all about (other than OSR stuff). It’s being creative not only with your monsters and dungeons but also with your pocket book.
So really, I mean it. Check out what they and other people are doing. It’s cool. It’s smart. It’s creative. And it’s fun! Most importantly it saves more money for Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

3 thoughts on “The Dollar Store Dungeons Project”

  1. Thanks for the signal boost! It’s cool to see how many people are interested. Feel free to use the logo with a link to the project, if you want. And by the way, it’s actually Blade & Crown. 🙂

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