The Arachni-Ape for Swords Wizardry

Arachni-Apes are the product of an insane experiment by an equally insane wizard. They have the body of a great mountain ape and the head of venomous spider.

HD 4
AC 6[13]
Atk 2 hands (1d3), 1 bite (1d6+poison)
Move 12
Save 13
Special: Sticky Poo

Arachni-Apes may hurl their sticky poo at a range of 40 ft. If a target is struck and fails a saving throw then he his held in place for 1d6 rounds. The poison of an Arachni-Ape does 2d6 points of damage if a saving throw is failed, 1d4 points of damage if the saving throw succeeds.

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