Feb 032014

I did a few tweaks to my little Sword & Sorcery OSR hack. Made it a little lighter and hopefully more streamlined. The whole idea is to get this little game running and have some fun. My first gut instinct is to see what kind of interest I can drum on Google+, so we shall see. Any way, here go enjoy.
Here it is the final version after some feedback and just little bit more editing. And for you enjoyment, included with some inspirational from the ‘net.
YARC: Final 1st Edition (Some slightly NSFW art.
This is the old one.

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Aug 092012

Yeah, I know I haven’t ranting about my own little retroclone home game recently. That’s the joy of working without a deadline. Currently, my little gaming group is busy playing Classic Deadlands and teh Dresden Files RPG. So I got time to work on this little project. But any way I wanted to throw out some basics.
I really like the simplicity of one Save Mechanic from Swords & Wizardry plus tack on the Saves as Skills mechanics and it’s just golden. But I decided to make it one step simpler.
All characters have a base Save of 16. This gets modified by the appropriate Attribute modifier, Racial and Class Abilities. Additionally, characters gain a bonus equal to 1/2 their level rounded down.
This may sound over simplified but remember, kids, I like Castles & Crusades too. And that game has it’s neat Save mechanic. A Save for each attribute. Yep, dump stats can kill you. I’m looking at break down roughly like this:
Strength: Constriction, Crushing, Grappling
Dexterity: Traps and Effects Which Can Be Dodged.
Constitution: Poison, Disease and Drugs.
Intelligence: Illusions and Most Arcane Magic
Wisdom: Gaze Attacks and Most Divine Magic
Charisma: Fear and Charm effects
I know there a few other things I got to throw in there but this me just throwing random thoughts out there.

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