Mar 142017

It’s been a long time since I messed around with Savage Worlds. Well, here’s the first alien race for player characters.
Imagine a cross between a monkey and an iguana with a sick sense of humor, warped knack for technology and a love of money. Then you have the Gremlox.
Gremlox Ingenuity: Gremlox gain a +1 bonus to Repair skill rolls. However, any other character (including other Gremlox) have a -2 penalty to attempt to repair or maintain that equipment.
Tough Little Bugger: Gremlox have -1 Toughness but also have the Hardy Edge.
Gremlox Technology: Gremlox love gadgets and tinker around with “new and improved” ideas. They are the only race with the AB (Weird Science)*
Greedy (minor)
Quirk (Sick Practical Joker)
*It may sound strange to use Weird Science in a space opera game since there’s already so much technology. But unstable nature of Weird Science and those possible Glitches make it perfect pulpy fit.
There will be more on the way and some house rules too.

Mar 082017

As regular readers well know I’ve been on a streak about running a space opera game. And I’ve done a couple of posts and talked to the FLGS group and looks like things will get off the ground so to speak. So in my copious free time, I need to do a little brainstorming.
First of all. Yes. Savage Worlds. I’ve already been asked “Why not White Star?” Heck, I love White Star and OSR stuff. But one of the players did mention they’d like do something that wasn’t d20 based. For me that left two choices. The good Star Wars d6 and Savage Worlds. I have fond memories of the d6 system and ran it a few times back in the day. However, I wanted to add a few gonzo elements that just didn’t quite work in my mind with d6. And (this is just my opinion) I think Savage Worlds is a better system. Not saying that d6 is bad, it’s just Savage Worlds edges it out here and there like initiative, character generation, and most importantly I’ve had enough experience with Savage Worlds I can tweak a bit and not totally break the game. Additionally, one player has had a less than stellar (no pun intended) experience with Savage Worlds due to some GM issues. So it’s nice to have a player willing to try a system again.
Now for some nuts and bolts. The SciFi Companion is cool and I’ll be using a couple of things from like some Edges, Hindrances and cinematic Ammo rules but the bulk of the inspiration is going to come from Daring Tales of the Space Lanes by Triple Ace Games and Slipstream. I really want to run with a pulpy space opera type feel. And these two fit the bill. As a bonus, there’s some good adventures and inspiration from The Last Parsec as well. And a similar to that there’s some great adventure ideas and inspiration from Bulldogs.
I’ll have some more posts in the future about the setting, alien races, house rules and few other things.
But for now here’s some freebies (This mostly for players.):
The Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules. Yes it’s for Lankhmar but the rules basics are there.
Daring Tales of the Spaces Lanes (Just don’t look at the adventures. Looking at you players. 🙂 )

Feb 192017

Well, I grabbed up some more space opera based mini’s and it looks like things maybe getting off the ground for this campaign. It’s been a chore finding more mini’s. I have a bunch of the old WOTC Star Wars mini’s but like any gamer I wanted more. I searched the internet and kept my eye open looking for something inexpensive.
Then it hit me. One of the Appendix N inspirations for this whole thing is Guardians of the Galaxy. What about Hero Clix. I mean I have a bunch of Mage Knight minis and Horror CLix (if you remember those). Plus I’ve grabbed up some less superhero looking Hero Clix for modern era games. And yep found some singles over at Troll and Toad. Heck, the most I paid for one was 99 cents. Not bad.
Here’s some if you’re looking for some more retro and just a bit gonzo. Who can say no to kungfu disco robot? That’s what I thought when I saw the mini of ISAAC.

Of course, there’s your more standard fare and the Guardians themselves that would work pretty darned well.

Right now, I don’t know if I’ll leave these as is or take the time to rebase or possibly repaint a couple.
Let’s talk spaceships. Previously, I had picked up a bag of the very soft plastic (vinyl or whatever the hell they are made of) space ships from Amazon and there was some discussion of another set which I picked up. Here’s a pic of those along with a Star Wars Micro Machine Millenium Falcon (Yeah, I got some of those too). And as you can see, they are a very similar scale which should work pretty well on the tabletop.

This new set is larger. Slightly more detailed and from harder plastic. And according to the Amazon reviews you could even paint these. So what am I going to do with those soft ones? Well, they would make cool Bennies. Wait, what? Is that obvious hint? Yep. That Space Opera game is finally going to come together and I’ll be returning to on old favorite game system that I haven’t messed with in years. Savage Worlds. So it’s time to dust of the rules books and hunt up those old house rules and get to making up cool stuff.

Apr 062015

Conan may be the most well known sword and sorcery character but for me I always preferred the tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. Newhon was a slightly strange and new world. The characters were well smart and tricky and well just darned fun. Lankhmar has always been one of may favorite things to blend into a setting. Heck, I still have my old copy of the TSR supplement. It’s still one of my favorite city supplements in GM tool kit.
The first bit of cool news that broke that broke last week was that Goodman Games was going to do a Dungeon Crawl Classics version of Lankhmar. Way cool. DCC is pretty fun game and I can see how it can work with the city. Heck, if you don’t believe me, check out this little blurb with some of the changes planned. Naturally I was bouncing off the walls when I heard this and started a special little piggy bank just for saving all my spare change for it. Rumor is there will be Kickstarter and a boxed set.
The very next day, I heard about Pinnacle Entertainment announcing that they’ll be doing a Savage Worlds version of Lankhmar too. Holy crap, it’s like a festival of the Rat God. Heck, Savage Worlds is one of my favorite systems like the tag line says, “Fast, Furious and Fun!” This is just freaking awesome. Wait, did I say that already? But heck. Pre-orders in a short while damn that’s fast.
So there you have it. Two versions of the same setting with two vastly different systems. Savage Worlds leans much more to a pulp style action while Dungeon Crawl Classics is to put it simply old-school turned up to 11 (but in all the good ways). There’s no way I could say which one is going to be “better”. They’re both being made by crews of really creative folks who I have faith in. It’s not going to be a case of better. I’m sure each while have something that a crafty GM could use in the other. Heck, I could see myself running both of them eventually. They would be just two different styles of campaigns with no one being better than the other. But dang it can’t wait for either of them. Man, it’s gonna be cool. With that I leave you with this last little pic of our heroes to make your day.
fafhrd and the grey mouser comics portrait