Apr 132015

Really, I can’t even pronounce that. Let me just call it Chandler’s Book of Stuff That Will Give You Nightmares.
Lusus Naturae is a bestiary of monsters designed for Lamentations of the Flame Princess but it’s pretty easy to convert it to whatever OSR game you want. This isn’t your run of the mill collection of demons, forgotten horrors, or orcs and goblins who have an additional odious habit. These are wild, weird, eat your face, swallow your soul, ruin the rest of your day type monsters. Like I said, it’s designed for Lamentations of the Flame Princess so if you’re experienced with any of those adventures (like Death Love Doom (AL)) then this is right up your alley.
There’s lots of cool stuff in there. There’s actually a connection between many of the monsters. Some created others. Some like or hate others. It all just depends. Also there’s a neat little thing that some of them have. “Killing Blow” He who kills the monster gets something. Maybe something good. Maybe something bad. But this is for Lamentations so take that as you may. And you get away without having a cool crazy monster generator.
I think my two favorites (so far) have to be Doctor Volt and the Gelatinous Hypercube. Yes, Doctor Volt. A supervillian teleported to a fantasy world. Hehe. And the Gelatinous Hypercube. Well. I think the name pretty much says it all.
I can’t not mention the art. I usually don’t bother mentioning art but in this cast I will make an exception. Gennifer Bone did a great job making bring these these nightmarish creatures to life. The art is cool and disturbing as it should be for this book.
So this gets a big thumbs up from this guy. Now I’ve got about a half dozen ideas bouncing around inside my head.
You can grab Lusus Naturae at Drivethrurpg. (AL)

Mar 182014

Hey, there isn’t a Raise Dead spell for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. There’s no reason there shouldn’t be but it’s still got to have that special something that makes it Flame Princess worthy. So here’s my modest attempt.
First, here’s a couple of my thoughts this spell. Death is natural (cause of death might not be). Death is one of the laws of the universe and everything dies eventually. Cheating death unbalances the universe and is a Chaotic act. So in this case the spell is a Magic-User spell rather than a Cleric spell. Also, returning the dead to live should be time consuming, expensive, and dangerous. So here you go.

Raise Dead
Magic-User Level 5
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

The Magic-user attempts to defy the laws of the universe and return a fallen being to life.
Fist, the dead body must be as whole as possible. Missing limbs and organs are not replaced. The caster must acquire rare oils and spell components with a value of 1,000 SP per Level/Hit Die of the target. Additionally, the caster must perform a long and precise ritual lasting 1 hour per Level/Hit Die of the target. As part of this ritual, the caster must attempt to bring some sort of balance to the universe by sacrificing a number of sentient beings of the same race as the target. The total Levels/Hit Dice of the sacrifices must at least equal the Level/Hit Dice of the target.
Once the ritual is completed, both the caster and the target attempt a Saving Throw versus Magic. If both succeed then the spell was successful and the target returns to life with 1 Hit Point.
If either of them fail so does the spell. Roll 1d20 on the following chart. If both fail then roll 1d10+10 on the following chart. The spell may not be attempted again.
A cleric will not witness or partake in this ritual. Also, a cleric cannot be the target of the spell.

1: The body is consumed in a divine fire leaving nothing but ash.
2: The body shows all the signs of life but no soul has entered it. It will expire from dehydration in a matter of days.
3: The target’s soul reenters the body but the transition was too much. The target has total amnesia and is now a Level-0 character.
4: The target’s body explodes with necromatic energy causing Level/Hit Dice D6 of damage to every thing in a 30 foot radius. Save versus Breath Weapon for half damage.
5: The caster accidentally summons the spirit of wrong person. This can be any dead person from history as determined by the GM. But chances are that it will be some historically insignificant person.
6: The soul of the target ends up in the nearest animal no smaller than a rat.
7: The caster’s and the target’s souls switch bodies.
8: The target’s soul ends up in a random item. That item is now magical and has powers based on the class and level of the target and GM’s discretion.
9: It looks like the spell worked. The target will live for 1d100 days (GM rolls secretly) then target drops dead, his corpse rotting away to nothing in seconds.
10: The target’s soul does not enter his body but is turned into a vengeful ghost which attacks and haunts the party.
11: The caster accidentally summons some otherworldly entity that now possesses the body of the target.
12: The ritual fails but summons forth 2d6 angry ghosts which immediately attack any present.
13: The target’s body explodes in a shower of flesh eating maggots. Save versus Breath Weapon or take 1d6 damage each round until the character makes a successful Save versus Disease.
14: The spell mostly fails. The target’s soul reanimates the body but as a form of free-willed, intelligent undead.
15: The caster loses a number of levels equal to the Level/Hit Die of the target. If this drains the caster to 0-Level then the caster is killed.
16: The spell weakens the veil between the mortal world and the Underworld. The area will be haunted by ghosts and become prime habitat for undead creatures.
17: The spell loosens the connection between body and soul. Each being within a 30 foot radius must Save versus Magic. Those who fail their Saving Throws have their souls switched to another random body. If only one character fails the saving throw then his soul is ripped from this body.
18: An Angel of Divine Retribution descends on the area killing every sentient being in a radius of the target’s Level/Hit Die x miles. Save versus Death or die.
19: Every dead creature in an area in radius equal to the target’s Level/Hit Die x 100 miles is re-animated as zombie.
20: An area in radius equal to the target’s Level/Hit Die x 100 miles is drained of life. All creatures 4 HD or less are instantly killed. Those with more than 4 HD are allowed a Saving throw versus Death or die. This effect lasts in the area for one year. For one 100 years, no plant life will grow in this area and animals will avoid it.

May 132013

Brendan Strejcek made a real cool post a couple of weeks ago about simple corruption for magic-users and I made a comment back then on G+ and well the idea has bounced around in my head and stayed there. So I figured I’d share it here as part of my “Familiars Shouldn’t Suck” rants. I’ve embellished on this idea a bit and twisted it with a Lamentations of the Flame Princess vibe.
Every magic-user has a familiar spirit. This spirit possesses the magic-user. It cannot control him but does drive the wizard to learn more and more spells and perform all sorts of magical experimentation.It is the source of arcane power. It feeds off the magical power summoned by the spell caster and grows in power as the magic-user gains power.
When the magic-user dies, the familiar consumes his soul and erupts from the corpse or even sometimes just reanimates it as demon/eldritch horror of HD equal to the level of the magic-user. Just turn to the Summon Spell and start rolling to see what kind of horror has been added to the world.
And there you go simple and strange. And yes, I know I should have posted this sooner but real life has been really busy of late. Enjoy.

Jan 292013

OK, OK. I get it. I’m really behind on ranting about stuff. But heck. Life’s been really busy. This little rant is about Green Devil Face No. 5 and for just $1.25 it’s a pretty damned cool little PDF.
The description on Drivethrurpg gives a you good idea about what’s crammed into those 12 (13 if you count the cover) pages. There’s one nasty little trap but the bulk of the book is charts. Handy charts.
Now, I’ll admit that that I probably won’t use the Natural 1/Natural 20 (Fumble/Crit) charts. Got too many of those damned things anyway. But this guys humble opinion the real gems here are “What’s up with that cult?” and the new experience and advancement charts. The “What’s up with that cult?” chart earned a place in my weird DM notebook. It’s a quick and easy way to put roll up a crazy cult.
The random advancement and experience table is one of those things that so simple but still awesome. Let me lump these together into one thought. First, all characters start off at the same base line. There’s a simple d6 roll after an adventure. Success gain a level. Fail and try again next time. When a character levels up, there isn’t the cookie cutter addition of XYZ abilities. Instead roll on a class specific chart and hope for the best. Once again really simple but will add a butt load of variation to characters of the same class.
Like I said it’s only $1.25. It’s worth it.

Dec 052012

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Anniversary Sale! This week only!
That’s right! James Raggi has a big sale going on this week. Like 50% off big sale! If you haven’t picked up anything from him yet. Just do it.
You can pick up the titles at Drivethrurpg or the LotFP Store.
If you haven’t picked up Lamentations of the Flame Princess-Grind House Edition, Vornheim or Death Frost Doom. Just do and do it now. These are just freaking awesome products. Snatch them up. Really, do it.
Other great stuff to grab up if you haven’t yet is Tower of the Stargazer and Isle of the Unknown. Both just freaking awesome. Crap, I sound like some crazy little fan boy. But like I said, these are fun devious adventures for an OSR game.
Personally, I liked Weird New World but some reviews haven’t been so kind but yes. That another one that I’d recommend.
And yes, I did put some of hard earned money where my mouth is. I really don’t have that much for gaming budget but I just picked The God That Crawls and Green Devil Face No. 5. Heard both of those are darned good.
Also, Troll Lord Games has a their own holiday sale going on. Some deep discounts and some cool stuff. Personally, I’m fond of the the whole Haunted Highlands and Black Tooth Ridge series of adventures. It’s a nice little sandbox to play in. The Engineering Dungeons book is also pretty damned handy. The Black Libram of Nartarus has cool stuff for evil characters and some really nasty spells and stuff. Also a pretty good little source book. But damn it, I’m still waiting for the Castle Keeper’s Guide to reach a reasonable price. That PDF is just too damned expensive. I guess we’ll wait and see on this one.
Happy shopping!