Sep 152014

A little work done over the weekend for Blasters & Blackholes. I didn’t get shops done. That one is giving a bit of headache. But instead I added in another class that’s been bouncing around inside my head. The Paragon, in a nutshell, is a sort of a catch all class. I made it up as sort of a cross between a Jedi, River Tam, and Paul Atreides.

So here you go. Blasters & Blackholes V3

Aug 042014

Yes, I know I’m behind in posting. Real life hasn’t been all that grand but you don’t come here to hear me whine.
Crazy aliens are hallmark for space opera and wanted a simple and flexible way to do it. There’s two really good systems out there. The system for Machinations of the Space Princess and X-plorers. Both are awesome. Now Machinations is a bit more complicated and I wanted something simpler. I gave myself one-page to do it. Yeah that was fun. But I think I hit on the key things as far as crunch goes when it comes to making an alien, cyborg, mutant, or robot. The little stuff doesn’t matter a +1 to AC is +1 to AC. Let the player define why and use it as inspiration for the fluff. The X-plorers version of aliens is pretty darned. Short and to the point and builds them as a class. I didn’t want to quite go that way but it serves as good inspiration.
So here you go. aliensv1
Things have been crazy like I said. Right now the “plan” is to hit up Weapons, Armor & Gear next. Then ships. And finally psychic abilities. This one is going to take me a while to get done. So I’m saving it for last. Once all this stuff is done in draft form and I have a chance to brainstorm a little more, it’s going to get mashed together. Then we’ll just see.

Jul 222014

If you’ve been following along, I just haven’t gotten this idea out of my head. Heck, even got a work title Blasters & Black Holes (maybe I’ll a neat graphic sometime).
Here’s a few notes thrown into something that others may find only slightly coherent. It’s been spell checked and that’s about it. This firmly based in many of my favorite retro-clones. Astute readers are going to see the fingerprints of Swords & Wizardry, Stars Without Number, X-Plorers, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Machinations of the Space Princess, and Dungeon Crawl Classics.
Here’s the PDF of the Classes and some of the basic stuff: classesnstuffv1
I still have to do Aliens, Psionic Abilities, Weapons Armor & Gear, and Ships & Vehicles.
And bonus points to those who are really paying attention, I still might do a Savage Worlds hack of this too.