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3d6: The Prophecies

Everybody loves a good (or bad prophesy). It can be a big red herring or the linchpin to an entire campaign. Or just may need one to throw out the and see what happens. Here you and remember 3d6 in order is all you need.

Table A
1: The Dead
2: A Child
3: A King
4: A God
5: A Hero
6: An Ancient Evil

Table B
1: Will Plunge The World Into Darkness
2: Will Slay A God
3: Will Open The Gates Of Hell
4: Will Drain Magic From The Land
5: Will Enslave The World
6: Will Free An Enslaved People

Table C
1: And The World Will Die.
2: And A Demon Shall Rule The World.
6: And A New Land Will Rise From The Sea.
4: And The Wicked Shall Be Judged.
5: And A Plague Will Spread Across The Land.
6: And The Land Will Be Barren.

More of these little gems are on the way.

3D6: Where’d it come from?

Let’s face it. OSR types just love random tables. This little idea popped into my head. Let’s generate quickly the origin of a magic artifact.
Who Made It?
1 Elves
2 Dwarves
3 Humans
4 Orcs
5 Ancient Long Dead Race
6 Nobody Knows

Who Made It Famous?
1 An Elf General
2 A Human King
3 A Dwavren Champion
4 An Orcish Warlord
5 A Halfling Adventurer
6 An Insane Wizard

What They Did With It
1 Defeated a massive army
2 Turned its power on its creators
3 Killed a god
4 Killed a demon lord
5 Conquered an empire
6 Hid it away so no one could use it

So quick and easy. And that was kind of fun to type up quickly. I might do more of these.