Mar 222015

It’s been a while since I happened across another el cheapo cool thing and after all that’s one of the things that this blog is all about. Anwy way, I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and they had some new dragon mini’s this time. Remember kids, gaming doesn’t mean you have to start selling organs. And yes I’m a real cheap skate. I won’t deny that. Heck, even if you don’t use them as mini’s you could easily throw it as some decoration for your geek cave.
Now these are bigger than the previous ones and have a better paint job. Heck, you can’t go wrong for a buck. An official type mini of that size would probably put back about week’s worth of grocery money.
Here’s the picture with one of the older dragons that I got last year (Yep, they still have those.) and some regular mini’s for scale. Hey, there’s more colors of dragon available too so I’ll probably grab up another couple next week when I happen to run by the store.

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