Sep 112012

OK, here’s the deal. You have two fighters of equal skill (level) and roughly equal abilities. So what sets them apart? In later editions, there’s a long list of Feats but with older Editions there isn’t really anything. So I decided to go with their brains. Here’s a little idea to give OSR Fighters just a little bit more individuality in the easiest possible manner.
A Dangerous Mind: In order to survive and excel at combat they understand that it takes more than just strong muscles and quick reflexes to win a fight. A character trained as a Fighter gains the following benefits:
Fighters learn how to size up their opponents and taunt them. A Fighter with a Charisma score greater than 13 gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls.
Fighters learn to trust their instincts to avoid getting hit. A Fighter with a Wisdom score greater than 13 gains a +1 bonus if any to his AC.
Fighters know how and where to hit their opponents for the most damage. A Fighter with an Intelligence score greater than 13 gains a +1 bonus to his damage rolls.
And there you have it. Quick and simple.

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