Dec 052012

Lamentations of the Flame Princess Anniversary Sale! This week only!
That’s right! James Raggi has a big sale going on this week. Like 50% off big sale! If you haven’t picked up anything from him yet. Just do it.
You can pick up the titles at Drivethrurpg or the LotFP Store.
If you haven’t picked up Lamentations of the Flame Princess-Grind House Edition, Vornheim or Death Frost Doom. Just do and do it now. These are just freaking awesome products. Snatch them up. Really, do it.
Other great stuff to grab up if you haven’t yet is Tower of the Stargazer and Isle of the Unknown. Both just freaking awesome. Crap, I sound like some crazy little fan boy. But like I said, these are fun devious adventures for an OSR game.
Personally, I liked Weird New World but some reviews haven’t been so kind but yes. That another one that I’d recommend.
And yes, I did put some of hard earned money where my mouth is. I really don’t have that much for gaming budget but I just picked The God That Crawls and Green Devil Face No. 5. Heard both of those are darned good.
Also, Troll Lord Games has a their own holiday sale going on. Some deep discounts and some cool stuff. Personally, I’m fond of the the whole Haunted Highlands and Black Tooth Ridge series of adventures. It’s a nice little sandbox to play in. The Engineering Dungeons book is also pretty damned handy. The Black Libram of Nartarus has cool stuff for evil characters and some really nasty spells and stuff. Also a pretty good little source book. But damn it, I’m still waiting for the Castle Keeper’s Guide to reach a reasonable price. That PDF is just too damned expensive. I guess we’ll wait and see on this one.
Happy shopping!

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