Jan 312012

The title pretty much says it kids. The Awesome Dice Giveaway is over.  I’ll be announcing the winner as soon as I can get into contact with them.

Thanks and keep reading.

  One Response to “If you are reading this then the Awesome Dice Give Away is over.”

  1. Hi,
    Great giveaway sorry to miss it, but I would like to introduce you to a free dice game which is available for online play at http://333smobileapp.com – the 333’s dice game. This dice game has a different scoring pattern and is soon going to be available on the appstore. Each player is given 20 chips. For more than 5 players, coins or other objects maybe used in lieu of mini chips.
    Each player rolls 1 die to determine who goes first. The lowest point rolls first; should there be a tie, there is a “Roll-Off” . Both players roll again until a low point is achieved.
    Each player puts in their “ante”, 1 mini chip to the round Jackpot pile and 1 mini chip to the Kitty.

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