Sep 292015

Going to throw out a little love for a couple of Kickstarters this morning.
First, there’s Hubris by Mike “Wrath of Zombie” Evans. Mike’s a wild and crazy guy and it shows in this wild and crazy setting for Dungeon Crawl Classics. Now, this one is a little more near and dear to my heart. I helped play test it and I had the distinction of being the first player character death. So head on over and check this bad boy out. It freaking will rock your socks off!
The other Kickstarter is Alpha Blue by Venger Satanis. IF you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been on a bit of a space opera kick. So Alpha Blue is something I’d add into my tool kit of gonzo space opera weirdness. I’ve picked up a lot of his stuff and it’s damned cool. My favorite so far has been his first, Liberation of the Demon Slayer. Now most of his work is NSFW so you’ve been warned. So check out Alpha Blue a cat house in space.

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  1. Thanks for the support, my friend. Lookin’ blue!

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