Hauling Your Loot

In case you didn’t know, I just spent a great time at Chupacarbracon. Nothing like a sore back and shoulders from hauling around all sorts of gaming stuff gets you thinking about the best way to carry that stuff.
Pretty much everybody knows or uses those handy plastic storage boxes to carry their mini’s and other gaming accessories. Heck, you could almost spend more money on storage cases than you would on the actual mini’s. My favorite place to pick up those storage boxes at a good price is the local Harbor Freight Tools. They’ve got a good selection and really good prices so go check out a store if there’s one in your area. And bonus, they have coupons available just about every week. Like 20% off anything. But thinking to future cons and gaming on the go, I’m probably going to pick up a couple of these.


I’ve looked at these before and I don’t feel they are quite big enough to carry every mini and bit of terrain that I have. But two of these should give me enough carrying capacity to haul around the mini’s and other bits that I would need for the game/session that I would be running at particular time. Add throw in one those handy luggage trolleys, my muscles will thank me.

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