Durth: A General Update

Work continues on Durth. Slowly. Still working out the kinks of the new day job’s schedule and as a bonus I tried to cut off the end of one of my fingers so typing isn’t as fast as it used to be. But that will heal and I’ll get back into the swing of things sometime soon. So this week, I’m ranting about how the whole project is going in general.
I’m still pounding away at a couple of the new classes; The Mutant and The Super Science Sorcerer. These two have to be special and cool and feel like some other class reskinned but still familiar and easy to play. Speaking of Super Science, I’m working the simple and hopefully fun system for that. It’ll seem familiar to lots of folks but still cool. And monsters. There’s about two dozen now. Some may end up else where while others maybe added later. So we shall see on that. And then there’s all the world fluff. This part is coming slowly. Pages of random notes. Things edited out or rewritten just because they weren’t good enough. But hey, it’s like that.
While I was writing this last weekend, I played around with some other systems that could be used with Durth. I don’t want to say too much now, but we’ll see where my muse and the winds of fate take me on that path.

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