Don’t forget the basics

Basic and White Box
Yes, I posted this on social media yesterday. But heck, I got little care package from Lulu and wanted to rant a little.
There’s lots of great retroclones out there and more are popping up. These two are towards the top of my list favorites. They’re both clean, simple, easy to house rule, and won’t break the bank. They let the GM take the game to whatever crazy destination they want. It’s easy for players do all sorts of imaginative and creative things without referencing a tome of rules and a few splat books. They’ve got everything you need in one little package. So if you haven’t check either of them out, do it. Heck, it won’t cost you thing to take a look. Both of the PDF’s are free.
Basic Fantasy: PDF and website. On Lulu. Or Amazon.
Swords & Wizardry: PDF and website. Or Lulu.
Now get out there and roll some dice.

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