Feb 202013

Brave Halfling Publishing just put a free version of Dagger: Supplemental Rules for Classic Role-playing with Kids.
True it’s perfect for kids or even newbies. Heck, even an aged old grognard like me would play it.
Quick, easy rules. That’s the sweet. Now, it’s a bit lighter than a lot of clones but dang. A handy 8 page PDF could make a cool lunch time game. Just thinking.
Go ahead and check it out. You got nothing to lose.

  2 Responses to “Dagger: Heck It’s Not Only For Kids”

  1. Just a heads up…but you might want to change the title to ‘Dagger: Heck It’s Not Just For kids’ as ‘It’s Just Not For Kids’ suggests it isn’t suitable for them.

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