Aug 302016
Curse of the Golden Eyed Medusa

She is older than any written language. She is so ancient that her true name is unknown even to her. She is cursed to turn any living flesh she gazes upon into gold. Every single gold coin, statue, icon, holy symbol, and trinket originated with her gaze. She is the Mother of All Gold. It’s […]

May 312016

Here’s another post on Durth. This time the Elves. While Durth isn’t your standard fantasy world, I wanted to keep the standard races but make them a little different and since they’re Elves they should feel a little alien (without changing them mechanically). That way GM’s can easily use whatever rules they want. The Elves […]

Feb 242015

A crazy and dangerous idea for the World of Yarc. Imagine an area that is evil. It’s in a key location but nothing can be reallly done about it. It’s like an artifact that can’t be destroyed. A place where even the land itself is corrupted. It beckons to the weak willed and the power […]

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