Jan 012017

Well, that was a “nice” little break. 2016 was a really “eventful” year. Some real life stuff popped up. A new day job. And that just the personal stuff. Any way. It’s a new year. Time to move ahead. So what’s on tap for 2017? I just started running Dungeon Crawl Classics at the FLGS. […]

Jun 062016
The Hat of Decapitation

Adventurers will stick any appendage into anything if they think that it’s magical or they can get something out of it. So enter the Hat of Decapitation. It looks like a normal albeit magical hat. Put it on and zip. Make a Saving throw or die. Yeah, that’s really deadly to the first character but […]

Dec 292015

It’s that time of year for all sorts of reminiscing. I think I do a post like this every year but what the heck. The OSR is still alive and well and still like all those old grognardy games. YEs, there are plenty of games I really like but there’s a special place in my […]

Jul 242012

The thing some folks say about the OSR is that it’s just a bunch of neck beards reliving their glory days or at best some pitiful attempt at nostalgia. But I started thinking about a href=”http://talislanta.com/”Talislanta/a the other day and it wasn’t about nostalgia. The thing is that this was a game that I totally […]