Mar 122013

Here’s another undead horse that’s been beat to death and back again. But I’ve been thinking about things that have never quite set well with me. And guess what one of those things is? First I understand the origins of the ability. Really, haven’t you seen any Hammer horror flicks? But what the ability became […]

Jan 152013
Familiars Shouldn't Suck

There’s lots of cool things about playing a Magic-User. Unfortunately, one of those is not having a familiar. Let’s face it. Familiars suck. In Old-School games, the risk generally isn’t worth the reward. In newer (Pathfinder/3.x) games, you many get a little boost but once again I think it’s pretty damned lame. Think about. Master […]

Aug 232012

Spell components can be one of those things that can really add fun and flavor to a game. But they can also end up being an exercise in accounting and needless minutiae that doesn’t add that much fun to a game. And it’s all about the fun. So here’s the the little idea I’m putting […]

Dec 132011

Magic-user, 3rd Level Range: 30 FT Duration: 2d6 Rounds (See Text) Spell Resistance: Yes The Pit of Despair attacks the target’s self confidence and will to fight. If the target fails his saving throw, this spell creates the illusion of a 30 foot deep pit with mirrored walls. The target sees reflections of himself in […]