May 062017
Deed Die for Wizards? Why not?

Yep, another little house rule tweak that popped into my head for Dungeon Crawl Classics. It’s simple and can makes things a little more interesting. Instead of the normal wizardly spell casting bonus of the character’s level, replace it with a Deed Die. Just look at the Fighter progression table to see what die type […]

Mar 182014

Hey, there isn’t a Raise Dead spell for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. There’s no reason there shouldn’t be but it’s still got to have that special something that makes it Flame Princess worthy. So here’s my modest attempt. First, here’s a couple of my thoughts this spell. Death is natural (cause of death might […]

Oct 082013

It’s October and so I’m thinking about Undead. OK, I think about a lot of things. This time it’s about tweaking Turning Undead. I like things simple and sometimes not exactly easy for player characters. So two ideas crashed together in my head. One from Lamentations of the Flame Princess and the other from Pathfinder. […]