Apr 182016

Everybody loves a good (or bad prophesy). It can be a big red herring or the linchpin to an entire campaign. Or just may need one to throw out the and see what happens. Here you and remember 3d6 in order is all you need. Table A 1: The Dead 2: A Child 3: A […]

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Mar 292016

Let’s face it. OSR types just love random tables. This little idea popped into my head. Let’s generate quickly the origin of a magic artifact. Who Made It? 1 Elves 2 Dwarves 3 Humans 4 Orcs 5 Ancient Long Dead Race 6 Nobody Knows Who Made It Famous? 1 An Elf General 2 A Human […]

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Oct 022015

Here you go to start your weekend. A table I work up with 20 random celestial events that may help or hurt the player characters and the entire world. Just roll a d20 and see what happens. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Roll dice, kill monsters, and take their stuff. Random Celestial Events