Sep 112017

If you aren’t listening to the Glowburn Podcast, you should. Any last episode had mention of doing a random Wasteland Weather table. I left things like duration and some of the specific effects up to the individual judges. I know you’re smart and you can deal with it. Oh and it uses one of those […]

Jan 112017

It’s been a while since I did a set of 3d6 tables so here’s one for a really odd encounter.. You meet a 1 Friendly 2 Angry 3 Hungry 4 Amorous 5 Desperate 6 Curious 1 Wandering Minstrel 2 Traveling Merchant 3 Rumor Monger 4 Vagabond 5 Con Artist 6 Gambler Who is a 1 […]

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Jun 132016

Adventurers love loot. So here’s another table for more loot. What is it? 1. Ring 2. Cameo 3. Belt Buckle 4. Torc 5. Mosaic 6. Triptych What’s it made from? 1. Wood 2. Bronze 3. Jade 4. Ivory 5. Gold 6. Unknown Alien Metal What’s it depict? 1. A Hunting Scene 2. A Marriage 3. […]

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Jun 082016

Here’s another 3d6 table to mess with the player characters. Because there’s always some crazy law out there. All.. 1. Elves 2. Dwarves 3. Halflings 4. Bards 5. Clerics 6. Magic-Users 1. must wear a cow bell. 2. must wear a chastity belt. 3. must wear a very large hat. 4. must carry a large […]

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