Apr 112016

Another little idea popped into my overcrowded head. Generally, levels/XP are considered “life force” when it come to some undead, mostly like vampires draining levels. So why not take this one step further and make it the equivalent of the value of a soul. Demons and devils are dealing in souls so there needs to […]

Jan 112016
The Lowly d12

I have a love affair with the d12. It’s a pretty darned cool die that doesn’t get enough love. I mean come on it really should be more than the “Barbarian Die”. Now, I’ve done my own little bits with it. One of my favorite ways to do skills for an OSR game is X […]

Oct 222015
Potions & Scrolls & Crafting. Meh.

About to put on my old grognard hat. In later editions of the World’s Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game, characters could make their own potions, scrolls, and other adventuring bits. I always disliked that. If you want to make stuff then open a shop. If you want to adventure then adventure. Sure, it’ll save some […]