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Wasp Vipers

Wizards get bored. And when the get bored they start messing around with the natural order things. When they do that creatures like the Wasp Viper are created.
At first glance, this creature appears to be a large viper. On closer inspection, its eyes are those of an insect and a set of wings are folded back along its body. It’s bite and it’s sting are highly poisonous. The creatures normally hunt along but they tend create hives where it possible for there to be hundreds of them. Wasp viper infestations have been known to wipe out entire villages.
Wasp Viper:
HD 2
AC 5[14]
Attacks: Bite (1d4), Sting (1d3)
Move 10 (flying)
Save 16
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240
Special: poison (bite and sting). If a wasp viper hits with either its bite or sting then the poison save is is made at +4. If both attacks hit then it is at -2.

Zombie Grubs Just Want To Eat Your Brain

Yes, I know I promised more Crypts & Things goodness this week but real life just came along and crushed all my well laid plans. So as a consolation prize, I present you ZOMBIE GRUBS!
Through ancient and profane rituals, powerful necromancers are able to transform disgusting rot grubs into an even more vile creature with a variety of evil uses.
At first glance zombie grubs appear to just normal rot grubs until it is too late. Once a zombie grub hits with an attack it begins burrowing towards the victims brain and will reach it in 1d4 rounds. The grub then begins devouring the victim’s brain doing 1d4 Intelligence and Wisdom damage each round. Characters may attempt to kill the grubs before they reach the brain using fire which will damage the victim as well or amputation. Casting Cure Disease will kill rot grubs but not zombie grubs. A simple Bless spell will kill the zombie grubs. If a cleric successfully turns undead, the zombie grubs will forcibly leave the victim’s body doing 1d6 damage. And if this should happen in the middle of combat, oh well.
HD 1d4
AC 9[10]
Atk 1 burrow
Move 1
Save 17
Special: Burrows to brain.

Spite Sprite

Spite Sprites are mischievously deadly beings. They thrive on conflict and blood shed. They routinely seek out small groups and turn them against each other. A pair of Spite Sprites will each choose a champion for fight for them. Each Spite Sprite’s champion will fight the other sprite’s champion to the death without regard to any other targets. If one of the sprites or the champions is killed then other sprite will leave the area.

Spite Sprites are small (4 inches in diameter) glowing orbs. They are often mistaken for Will-O-the-Wisps.

Number Appearing: 2

Armor Class: 3 [16]

Hit Dice: 2

Attacks: None (Battle Charm)

Saving Throw: 16

Special: Immune to non-magical attacks, Battle Charm, Evasive

Move: 40 FT

Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Battle Charm: Spite Sprites have a unique form of domination. The Sprite’s chosen champion gets a saving throw against Battle Charm. If the target fails his save then he is under the control of the sprite until he either wins or dies while fighting another Spite Sprite’s champion. The sprite has full knowledge and access to his champion’s skills and abilities.

If the target makes his save then he is immune to that Sprite Sprite’s Battle Charm for 24 hours.

Evasive: Spite Sprites zip around the head of their champions. Any attacks directed at the Sprite have a 20% chance of hitting the champion. Spite Sprites will not direct their champions to attack the other Spite Sprite.