Dec 182016
Chicken of the Starless Sea

Things have been really busy thanks to the holidays and some real life but I’m still managing to get a little gaming squeezed in. The Dungeon Crawl Classics group just finished up Sailors of the Starless Sea and I thought I’d throw something interesting. I’ll try to do this as spoiler free as possible but […]

Sep 072016

Lightning Snakes are being composed of pure electricity. An uncaring creature birthed from elemental fury and arcane power. The Lightning Snake appears as a gigantic (30 feet long) writhing lightning bolt with serpentine features. Hit Dice: 4 Armor Class: 4[15] Attacks: Bite (1d6+2 electrical damage) or Lightning Strike (see below) Saving Throw: 13 Special: Immune […]

Aug 232016

Alchemists has chased the Philosopher’s Stone along the way their research has uncovered many fascinating and dangerous discoveries. One such revelation is the Elemental Golem. These creatures appear as an animated suit of plate armor but that is where the resemblance ends. The armor is actually the creature’s body and is specially forged in an […]