Mar 292016

Let’s face it. OSR types just love random tables. This little idea popped into my head. Let’s generate quickly the origin of a magic artifact. Who Made It? 1 Elves 2 Dwarves 3 Humans 4 Orcs 5 Ancient Long Dead Race 6 Nobody Knows Who Made It Famous? 1 An Elf General 2 A Human […]

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Jan 282016

The Mirror of Holding looks like an ordinary hand mirror, roughly 12 inches in diameter. When the correct activation phrase is spoken, the mirror opens a portal into a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot extradimensional space. The portal randomly appears on the walls, ceiling, or floor of the space. Objects must be […]

Jan 132015
The Bag of Wonders

Here’s a simple and probably fun little magic item to throw at your party. The Bag of Wonders. Here’s your prep as DM. Take 20 index cards. Write a completely random item on each card. I mean anything from a rock, one-foot section of rope, dirty underwear, a dagger, a cursed dagger, a ray gun, […]

Aug 122014

The ancient God of Spite and Revenge grew so vile and bitter that the other gods decided to put an end to him. As final act of revenge the God of Spite cut off the finger tips of his left and fashioned them into the arrowheads for the Murderous Arrows. He then let these artifacts […]