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3D6: Where’d it come from?

Let’s face it. OSR types just love random tables. This little idea popped into my head. Let’s generate quickly the origin of a magic artifact.
Who Made It?
1 Elves
2 Dwarves
3 Humans
4 Orcs
5 Ancient Long Dead Race
6 Nobody Knows

Who Made It Famous?
1 An Elf General
2 A Human King
3 A Dwavren Champion
4 An Orcish Warlord
5 A Halfling Adventurer
6 An Insane Wizard

What They Did With It
1 Defeated a massive army
2 Turned its power on its creators
3 Killed a god
4 Killed a demon lord
5 Conquered an empire
6 Hid it away so no one could use it

So quick and easy. And that was kind of fun to type up quickly. I might do more of these.

The Mirror of Holding

The Mirror of Holding looks like an ordinary hand mirror, roughly 12 inches in diameter. When the correct activation phrase is spoken, the mirror opens a portal into a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot extradimensional space.
The portal randomly appears on the walls, ceiling, or floor of the space. Objects must be small enough to pass through the mirror in order to be placed in the space. Objects end up where ever they happen to land in the space. In order to retrieve objects, the characters will have to use a grappling or some of other contraption to reach the items.
The only light available is that which passes through the portal. If a living being is some how placed in the space, adequate air is available but food and water must be placed inside the space. Time flows at the normal rate. Beings inside the space cannot teleport nor become ethereal to escape. But abilities similar to Plane Shift will work.
If the mirror is destroyed then access to the space is lost. The fate of anything within the extradimensional space is a mystery.

The Bag of Wonders

misc-bag-generic-grayHere’s a simple and probably fun little magic item to throw at your party. The Bag of Wonders.
Here’s your prep as DM. Take 20 index cards. Write a completely random item on each card. I mean anything from a rock, one-foot section of rope, dirty underwear, a dagger, a cursed dagger, a ray gun, hand grenade, evil artifact, anything. Let your imagination go wild. You’ll also want to keep some index cards handy too for adding an interesting item no and then.
Here’s how the Bag of Wonders works. There is more than one Bag of Wonder in the mulitverse. No one knows exactly how many there and where/when they are but they all share the same extradimensional space. There are always 20 items in the bag and these items are constantly changing. In order for a character to remove an item from the bag, they have to place an item in the bag. Characters have no control on what item they remove from the bag. It’s totally random. A character may only place/withdraw one item from the bag each day.
There you go. Have fun with it.

Murderous Arrows

The ancient God of Spite and Revenge grew so vile and bitter that the other gods decided to put an end to him. As final act of revenge the God of Spite cut off the finger tips of his left and fashioned them into the arrowheads for the Murderous Arrows. He then let these artifacts loose upon the world before he was struck down. At most, there are only five Murderous Arrows in existence.
Murderous Arrows grant no bonus to hit but any normal hit with an arrow is considered a critical hit (or double damage). If a natural 20 (or critical hit) is scored when attacking with a Murderous Arrow then the target is slain. It does not matter if the target is merely a lowly henchman or an ancient god from from beyond space and time. It is dead!
If a Murderous Arrow only wounds a target then the arrow then disappears only to appear in another random location in the world.
If a Murderous Arrow kills a target then the arrow ceases to exist. Additionally, the archer must make a Saving Throw versus Magic or be slain as well.
The gods fear these artifacts. Even good aligned will not hesitate to strike one of their own followers to gain possession of one of the Murderous Arrows. Any mortal possessing one of the arrows will be harassed, threatened or even killed by any number of divine servitors until the mortal no longer has the arrow.
If a magic-user attempts to use any parts of a creature that was slain with a Murderous Arrow as a material component for a spell or magic item then the magic becomes warped and twisted.