Jul 182016
Blade of Darkness

Here’s another little magic weapon I made for 5E game and yes, it’s real easy to convert this over to a OSR style game. The Blade of Darkness is a sentient Chaotic Evil magical long sword. It does not offer any bonuses To-Hit or Damage but does count as magical to overcome a creature’s resistances. […]

Jul 062016

I made this for my little 5e campaign and heck it works for OSR games too. And the basics work with any weapon. Not just glaives and polearms but that’s what the fighter was using. Originally, the weapon was a trident but I changed it at the last minute. Here’s the low down. Roll damage […]

Jun 132016

Adventurers love loot. So here’s another table for more loot. What is it? 1. Ring 2. Cameo 3. Belt Buckle 4. Torc 5. Mosaic 6. Triptych What’s it made from? 1. Wood 2. Bronze 3. Jade 4. Ivory 5. Gold 6. Unknown Alien Metal What’s it depict? 1. A Hunting Scene 2. A Marriage 3. […]

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Jun 062016
The Hat of Decapitation

Adventurers will stick any appendage into anything if they think that it’s magical or they can get something out of it. So enter the Hat of Decapitation. It looks like a normal albeit magical hat. Put it on and zip. Make a Saving throw or die. Yeah, that’s really deadly to the first character but […]

May 252016

Yes, things have been moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to writing well anything. But hey maybe this weekend, things will be better. So to tide you over, this little idea popped into my very simple brain. The Potion of Potion Duplication This black viscous alchemical potion comes in a sealed vial. On […]