Oct 172016

Ok here’s another class for DCC. I have to admit I’ve played around more with OSR stuff than DCC stuff so I like things simple. I wanted to a simple but crazy class that might be able do about anything. I came up with The Lucky Stiff. Once again this is bleeding beta so there […]

Sep 122016
My Own Little Barbarian for DCC

Gearing up to run a little DCC Campaign at the FLGS and being the constant tinkerer that I am, I had to do a couple more classes. The first up. The Barbarian. First, there are already some really cool Barbarian classes out there for Dungeon Crawl Classics but each didn’t exactly do what I had […]

Mar 162016
Sorcererous Alien Elves

A long time ago, I did a Sexy Alien Elves post. I’ve been meaning to go back and spruce up that idea but just haven’t gotten around to it. But then there’s this fine post popped up on Elfmaids & Octopi (which is a really cool blog) and that got the creative juices going again […]