Jan 222017

I’ve still been able to keep swinging away at my DCC campaign at the FLGS and a few things came to mind about some things that I’ve really grown to like about the game. Dungeon Crawl Classics is an awesome game. It’s solid and simple. While some disagree whether it truly is an OSR game, […]

Jan 092017

Yes, things are busy and this has already made the rounds. But I’m throwing it out there again because it’s just awesome. Black Puddings No 1 and No 2 and great little OSR zines from J.V. West. Each issue is filled with quirky classes, NPC’s, Monsters, Magic Items, well pretty much a little bit of […]

Oct 242016
Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Hell's YEAH!

Yes, I’m late to rant about this one. But hell’s yeah. I really loved the first movie. I liked it better than Force Awakens. And like a few others(like here, here and here) thought it was best the damned Farscape movie ever. Which again isn’t a bad thing. Because I love Farscape. With all that […]

Oct 192016
What's up around the Gazebo?

Things have been busy and interesting but not in a good way. So I figured I’d take a couple moments to rant about where things stand. Yes, I’m still kicking. Nothing major has happened and life it good although just plain annoying and distracting at times. So that’s a lot of blogging and other gaming […]