Mar 312015

Why haven’t I been playing this game before? I know it’s been out for a pretty long time but I just never got around to picking it up. But then I did.
It’s down right dead simple and easy. No extra stuff. It’s literally about killing monsters and their stuff. Here’s the “skill: list: Killing Stuff, Avoid Being Killed, Knowing Shit, Talk Your Way Out of Anything, Avoiding Magic, Avoiding Traps, Avoiding Poison, Avoiding The Law. And there’s classes too: Brutal Fighter, Sneaky Bastard, Unhinged Priest, and Mad Sorcerer.
It’s just the kind of game that hits my funny bone sweet spot. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. In this case, not at all. It’s simple and flexible mechanics means you can twist and tweak it easily. The game mechanics do you use a d20 but it isn’t really based around “d20 games”. Got it?
The extra things that makes this game cool. It’s Pay What You Want. And it’s released under a Creative Commons License! So hack away world make cool stuff. Think that’s gonna be on my to do list.
So go check out Murderhobos on DrivethruRPG!

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Mar 302015

I too have been bitten by the Far Away Land bug. So for your adventuring pleasure, I present the Clipclops.
Clipclops (4)
The head of a cyclops, the torso of a human, the pincers of a crab and the body of a horse. Or part cyclops, part centaur, part crab-man. Maybe they were a mad experiment or just evolution gone wrong. Clipclops are belligerent creatures who roam coastal areas and tropical islands attacking any who enter their territory. They especially enjoy hunting poor souls who have been shipwrecked.
Archetype: Monster
Size: Giant (+2)
HP: 23
AC: 2
ACT: 5
BR: 3
DEX: 1

Pincers: 1d6+1

Short and to the point. Enjoy. And see I told you I can’t draw.

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Mar 242015

It’s no secret that I’m a fan and backer (of the Kickstarter) of Crypts & Things Remastered and I’m a fan of Sword & Sorcery. Yes, I’m all in for a crazy gonzo game but I also like the gritty weird fantasy of the lower magic settings. If you’ve got Crypts & Things then cool and really back if you want to. But this post about other resources out there for Sword & Sorcery games.
How about some free stuff first?
Head on over to then just scroll down to the Age of Conan and Secrets of Acheron. This one is an homage to the Little Brown Books and pretty darned cool.
This time Underworld Lore #3 (Hyborian Special). Really all of the stuff on Gorgonmilk rocks but this one is about our subject at hand.
This one is mix of free and for pay stuff. I’ve really good things about and their setting but I haven’t gotten around to picking it up yet and yes some of the material is Pathfinder/3.x but it’s easy to convert. Here’s the main page for the Hyborian Age but the real meat is here with the adventures. And here’s their shop. Order the PDF’s through them or dead tree versions thru Lulu.
Now, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea is pretty damned cool but their adventures are also darn good fare. But let’s not forget their free resources on their website.
Lastly here’s another couple of adventures that comes with some neat house rules too. I’m talking about Liberation of the Demon Slayer and Revelry in Torth. Yes, there’s some little things that I’d tweak and they’re a bit racy. So you’ve been warned.
No I know there’s lots of other stuff out there and there’s plenty of retor-clones and hacks out there. It’s a big internet and I’m just one little guy with a hyper puppy bouncing around the office. Other resources and stuff go ahead and share.
Did I also mention that there’s only a few days left on the Kickstarter for Crypts & Things Remastered, and I really want that last stretch goal. By Crom, Kill monsters and take their stuff!

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Mar 232015

What can I say? I’ve had my eye on this for quite a while then Erik Tenkar started writing even more about it and I couldn’t help myself. Faraway Land is a rules lite and pretty darned gonzo and original fantasy RPG.
If you’re a fan of Adventure Time then you’ll probably enjoy Faraway Land. The important thing to note is that Faraway Land isn’t Adventure Time with the serial numbers filed off. I see that way too many times. It has it’s own original setting but still has that some quirkiness and odd factor. I mean two-faced psychic nuns who ride grizzly bears into combat and worship the ancient robo-bear. Yeah, that kind of stuff. Way cool. But heck if want some more “normal” fantasy dungeon fare then you can do that too. No problem. The rules are lite and flexible.
About the rules. Just grab a few d6’s. That’s it. Characters have three stats: Brute, Dexterity, and Wits. Roll a number of d6’s equal to your stat and take the highest number. Boons let roll more d6’s. That’s it. Quick and simple. Characters are simple enough they could fit on an index card. This is one of those non-d20 based games that has a real old school vibe to it. COmbat can be very dangerous. Character creation and mechanics are quick, simple, and flexible. Monsters are weird and unique. It’s a game you could play with your kids, new gamers or grizzled grognards. This one gets a big thumbs up from this grognard any way.
You can grab it up at Drivethrurpg. Yes, pdf is a little on the expensive side for me but I thinks it’s worth it in this case.

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Mar 222015

It’s been a while since I happened across another el cheapo cool thing and after all that’s one of the things that this blog is all about. Anwy way, I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and they had some new dragon mini’s this time. Remember kids, gaming doesn’t mean you have to start selling organs. And yes I’m a real cheap skate. I won’t deny that. Heck, even if you don’t use them as mini’s you could easily throw it as some decoration for your geek cave.
Now these are bigger than the previous ones and have a better paint job. Heck, you can’t go wrong for a buck. An official type mini of that size would probably put back about week’s worth of grocery money.
Here’s the picture with one of the older dragons that I got last year (Yep, they still have those.) and some regular mini’s for scale. Hey, there’s more colors of dragon available too so I’ll probably grab up another couple next week when I happen to run by the store.

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