Jan 222017

I’ve still been able to keep swinging away at my DCC campaign at the FLGS and a few things came to mind about some things that I’ve really grown to like about the game.
Dungeon Crawl Classics is an awesome game. It’s solid and simple. While some disagree whether it truly is an OSR game, it’s close enough in feel and mechanics for me. Sure there’s page flipping when a spell is cast or there’s a crit or a fumble but these times are where the game really shines. In the sales blurb for a lot of games, there’s a plug that reads something like “the rules don’t interfere with the game”. You know things like not having the Walk and Chew Gum Feat (looking at you 3.x/Pathfinder). The rules for DCC don’t interfere with the game. They participate. It’s like having an extra GM and/or player at the table. Let me explain.
One of the player’s characters became a cleric. The character is Neutral. So I said of hand, “You could be a cleric of Cthulhu.” And the player jumped at the chance. Through the adventure (We’re playing Doom of the Savage King) The Elf went down. The cleric got there in time heal but nope. Disapproval. Later the dwarf was injured. Lay on hands. Nope. Disapproval. Again, heal the dwarf. Cthulhu says, “Hell no!” Disapproval. We get the point. Cthulhu doesn’t like demihumans. So here’s the setting house rule. Demihumans count as opposed alignment for clerics of Cthulhu. The rules helped add something interesting to the game.
While I’m on a little rant about there’s another one I’ve been using (lifted from Lamentations of the Flame Princess). No Weapon Proficiencies. Now I might add a penalty if a halfling tries to swing around a great sword. And I haven’t even mentioned this to players. Just letting them use whatever weapon they want. Fighters are already way better at fighting so it really doesn’t make any difference. Plus it makes for a neat story when it’s the Magic-User who takes out the big bad with a crit while wielding a hand axe. Yep, that happened last game session. It was a good thing too. The fighter couldn’t make the game. The dwarf couldn’t hit anything. And that Wizard was out of spells. That little quirk of fate made that fight just a little more memorable.
Remember folks. Have Fun. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff.

Jan 112017

It’s been a while since I did a set of 3d6 tables so here’s one for a really odd encounter..

You meet a
1 Friendly
2 Angry
3 Hungry
4 Amorous
5 Desperate
6 Curious

1 Wandering Minstrel
2 Traveling Merchant
3 Rumor Monger
4 Vagabond
5 Con Artist
6 Gambler

Who is a
1 A Giant Talking Rabbit
2 An Intelligent Zombie
3 A Floating Brain
4 A Mushroom Man
5 A Talking Dog
6 A Smiling Cat

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Jan 092017

Yes, things are busy and this has already made the rounds. But I’m throwing it out there again because it’s just awesome.
Black Puddings No 1 and No 2 and great little OSR zines from J.V. West. Each issue is filled with quirky classes, NPC’s, Monsters, Magic Items, well pretty much a little bit of everything, even some cool stylized OSR character sheets.
Why do I like these so much? They’re quirky. Like I already said. They’re tongue in cheek and take things all too serious and grim dark. But I suppose you could take things that way if wanted. And they are Pay What You Want. Even more bonus. These are all things that hit the perfect chord in my cheap grognard heart. They are just plain fun and just odd enough to keep players guessing.
So there. Yep they are worth checking out.

Jan 012017

Well, that was a “nice” little break. 2016 was a really “eventful” year. Some real life stuff popped up. A new day job. And that just the personal stuff. Any way. It’s a new year. Time to move ahead. So what’s on tap for 2017?
I just started running Dungeon Crawl Classics at the FLGS. And let me tell you it is a blast. Later this year, Mutant Crawl Classics hits the shelves. So that’s on the schedule for the running. Plus I just might sign up to run some DCC World Tour games if they do it again this year. Maybe. Just maybe, I can get around to running a crazy space opera campaign sometime this year too. I still haven’t decided if I want to use an OSR frankenhack, d6, or Savage Worlds.
As far as the Magic Pig Media projects. Stuff will get done when it is done. I still got plenty of things on tap. But I’m going to be a little more conservative about what I’ll be publishing this year. Less stuff but I want it to be better stuff.
I’m still not sure what exactly I’m going to do with the old blog. And I still want to transfer some of the better gaming posts over here. And just like about everybody else, I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions. But I’m not telling you what they are. I’m just going to do the stuff.
So let’s have fun in 2017. Roll some dice. Kill some monsters. And take their stuff.

Dec 182016

Things have been really busy thanks to the holidays and some real life but I’m still managing to get a little gaming squeezed in. The Dungeon Crawl Classics group just finished up Sailors of the Starless Sea and I thought I’d throw something interesting. I’ll try to do this as spoiler free as possible but just in case you have been warned.
There’s a place in the module where living things get corrupted. The party threw a chicken in there. I decided to have it come back in the aftermath of the adventure. So here it is.

The Chicken of the Starless Sea. An unearthly creature. A featherless chicken with eerie green glowing eyes on the ends of twitching eyestalks.
Init +1
Atk 1d20, melee Chaos Peck (1 HP damage)
AC 11
HD 1d4 (2 HP)
MV 30′
SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +0
Each day the chicken lays one egg with magical properties. After a day, the first egg becomes a mundane rotten egg.
An elf or wizard may eat the egg as part of casting a spell. The caster gains +1d3 on the Spell Check. If the result indicates any kind of spell failure, the caster losses the ability to speak and can only cluck like a chicken for the next 1d6 rounds. Plus the character suffers any other ill effects of rolling poorly.
The players were really excited to level up to first level and keep playing so I didn’t make that many notes about the merry band of adventurers but a couple did really stick in my mind. There’s Nacho the Cleric. Really, that’s enough and so DCC. Plus a very lucky fighter. He has more luck than strength. (I think he has a STR of 13 or so but he does have an 18 Luck). I’ll have more notes after the next session.
Keep those dice a rolling folks.