May 032016

Work still moves along slowly and I promised last week I’d have some crunchy bits ready. So here you the Wastelander. This class is the hardened barbarian type that comes out the wastes covered in slime, blood, and ichor. This is still the beta/play test version. But it should give folks an idea of where I’m headed and how I plan on writing up the classes.
So here you go. The Wastelander

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May 022016

If you’ve been following my mundane life, I just got a new day job and that means I haven’t been blogging or writing as much as I used to or as much as I want to. But I did give myself a couple of presents over the last couple of weeks that really enriched my limited reading time.
While I was at the FLGS, I noticed this little beauty sitting on the shelf. I have the PDF but a hardcopy was just too good to pass up.
Now I’ve been playing thru the 5E version of Ravenloft. It’s classic. It’s, well, almost normal. Red and Pleasant Land takes vampires and weirdness to whole new and wonderful level. If you’ve never picked this up or looked at it. Then you’re really missing out. I won’t bore you with another review. If you want you can check out my original review before I started doing all of my gaming posts on this blog.
And speaking of Zak S. Here’s his new. The Maze of the Blue Medusa. Just freaking wow.
To put it bluntly, this is most awesome mega-dungeon I’ve seen. I don’t say that lightly because generally I’m not too fond of mega-dungeons but this one hits all the right marks. It makes sense. It’s easy for the GM to use. Although in the basic PDF there aren’t any hyperlinks which is a bit of a drawback. It’s to the point without the corny boxed text. It take so many familiar ideas and twists them just enough to make them exciting and interesting. As far as the looks. If you like the vibe of Vornheim and Red and Pleasant Land. This one continues with Zak’s style. Much smarted people than me have done wonderful reviews, just google it. Any way check it out. Buy it.
And lastly. I’ve finally picked what has become yet another classic for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. World of the Lost.
What can I say? Rafael Chandler strikes again. Dinosaurs. Ray Guns. Aliens. All set in an African backdrop. It’s odd. It’s crazy. It’s just freaking genius. And it’s one of those adventures that just keeps on giving with all sorts of random tables that you can use again and again. Oh. and it’s a hex crawl. And I love hex crawls. That you can grab up on Drivethru.
I know that probably when you started reading this post you were expecting in depth reviews. Sorry. I’m just doing a bit of blog based brainstorming and throw stuff out there. You see. There’s a good chance that I might be running a little 5E game at the FLGS in the future and I’d like to throw something new and interesting at the players. Something that will entertain and challenge veteran players and something that can show the new players that the game worlds don’t start and end with the Monster Manual. There’s so many creative things that can be done and these are just three awesome examples.

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Apr 262016

Work continues on Durth at a flail snail’s pace. Day job and mundane life keep getting in the way. Things aren’t at a stand still, just going slower than I would like.
As I mentioned earlier, the idea is that Durth will work with whatever retro-clone you want to use. So I won’t be recreating the normal classes for it. Heck, for non-spell casting classes there is nothing change. For the spell casters, things are a little different. There’s no change to the individual classes but there are things and places in the world that will affect them.
The same goes for races pretty much. There aren’t going to be any major changes other than what the world has done to them. Humans, generally the most generic of races, has no change other than the world is a screwed up place. Dwarves, elves, and halflings aren’t so lucky. Each has some minor mechanical changes and/or interesting quirks. But more on that as I start turning insane notes into something other people can actually understand.
So what’s going to be new? There’s going to be two new classes. The Wastelander and the Super Science Sorcerer. I had every intention of posting the Wastelander this week but I really wasn’t happy with it yet. Additionally, there’s The Mutant. I mean you can’t have a gonzo post-apocalyptic world without mutants.
But let me give you an overview of them.
The Wastelander: This one is pretty much your barbarian from the wastes. Tough. Resistant to all sorts of really bad things. Good with weapons but not so much with armor. And can scrounge up food and water in the worst of terrains.
The Super Science Sorcerer: This class is very similar to the Magic-User except no spells. They can use all the magic items and scrolls that a Magic-User can. They do have some rudimentary arcane power which allows them to blast their opponents, create magical protection around themselves, and heal. Their key niche is going to be understanding and using super science gadgets.
And finally The Mutant: There’s an age old debate in OSR circles about racial classes. So there will be two options and GM’s can use whatever one they wish. As a race, Mutants have a randomly rolled appearance and a couple of randomly determined weird abilities. As a class, you start off just like the Mutant as Race but each level, players roll to see what new and strange ability the character gains.
Yes, I know still speaking in generalities here but when I start throwing things out there, I want to at least be happy with the beta versions. So more detail stuff is coming up. Stay tuned till next week.

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Apr 252016

I know this debate has happened way too many times but for some odd reason it got stuck in my head.
In the later editions of the World’s Most Popular Fantasy RPG if you wanted to be a necromancer it wasn’t that difficult. If you were lucky you had the right splat book and boom you’re a necromancer. Maybe you had to go a slightly tougher route. Take a feat or two and then boom you’re a necromancer. Or you might have to take some feats. Gain some levels. And then take a prestige class. And boom. You’re a necromancer.
How does that fly in an old-school game? Well. First, you start off as a Magic-User. Then you explore libraries of forbidden texts. You research and experiment. You find out where the tomb is of an ancient necromancer and raid it for secrets. You find a living necromancer and either attempt to study under him or beat him up and take his stuff. Or you could strike up a deal with some lord of the undead for arcane. It’s all stuff done in game not with the rules and tweaks. And chances are if you survive you’ll have a cooler character than taking options off a menu.
That’s today’s rant. Keep those dice a rolling.

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