Nov 272016

It’s that time of year when I kick back and do nothing (at least when it comes to blogging). Like last year, real life has kept me bouncing and not focusing on the fun stuff. With a new job, and few other hiccups not as much got done as I had planned but that’s the way it goes sometimes. But there’s a few things I rant about before I go into holiday hibernation.
Hubris is on the streets. Yes, I backed the Kickstarter. Yes, I’m buds with Mike “Wrath of Zombies” Evans. And yes, I did help play test it. There’s not much I can add in the way glowing reviews for this bad boy. It’s an in-your-face, rip-your-guts-out, and defile-the-corpse kind of setting. Yes, it is for Dungeon Crawl Classics and if that game ain’t your thing, it would make an awesome alien setting for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.
Speaking of Dungeon Crawl Classics, my game at the FLGS should be starting this week. The zero levels have already been generated and the players are ready to head into the Sailors of the Starless Sea module. I’ve got some crazy ideas that I’m going to throw at them as the campaign evolves. So you might seeing a few posts in the near future about the craziness that happens in this game.
And still thing about Dungeon Crawl Classics, am I the only one who is counting down until the release of Mutant Crawl Classics? I’ve been listening to Glowburn (and some Spellburn too). I can’t wait to get my grubby little grognard fingers on that and throw in stuff from Crawling Under a Broken Moon.
As far as projects go. Well, there’s still a lot of irons in the fire. I’ve got a secret little project that I’m grinding through. There’s more stuff for Gary Vs The Monsters on tap. Still brainstorming anything for White Star. And the big one of course is Durth. That one is getting a really heavy reworking as time allows and some crazy plans/ideas. We’ll see how far those go before I say anything more on that one.
Next year should be a good one. Crossing fingers and all that. Now roll some dice, kill some monsters, and have fun.

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Oct 262016

The “heroes” have to start somewhere and that somewhere is Gongberry. The little village where my Dungeon Crawl Classics campaign begins. Gongberry is small city/large village. It’s just big enough to have at least some representation of each of the races and barely be be self sustaining. Of course, traveling merchants make seasonal stops and fill young folks with wild tales of the outside world.
Gongberry lies in the middle of a large valley. To the east are The Really Steep Mountains and to the west The Really Big and Dangerous Mountains.The Languid River runs thru the middle of the valley and around the town. The river is used for irrigation for the fields south of town. To the north of Gongberry is the The Really Creepy Forest That Has Stuff That Will Eat You In It. Beyond the Forest, the river peters out and the area turns into That Boggy Marsh Filled With Really Bad Stuff. And just beyond the marsh at the head of the valley is The Ancient Scary Ruined Keep That Your Parents Told You Never To Go To Because The Place Was Evil And Monsters Would Eat You And That You Need To Be Good Or The Monsters Would Come To Town And Drag You Off.
That’s the starting point. Time allowing. I’ll get a map done.

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Oct 242016

Yes, I’m late to rant about this one. But hell’s yeah. I really loved the first movie. I liked it better than Force Awakens. And like a few others(like here, here and here) thought it was best the damned Farscape movie ever. Which again isn’t a bad thing. Because I love Farscape.
With all that bouncing around inside my head, the old hankering to run a Space Opera game is in the back of my mind. I know that Dungeon Crawl Classics is up next and that is going to be a blast. But heck I’m the sort of person that always has too many irons in the fire. To honest, I still don’t know what freaking system to use. The top contenders are of course: White Star (kit bashed with a few other OSR SF games). Savage Worlds, and the good old d6 system. Who knows may get a really wild hair and try to create some sort DCC space opera thing if the up coming campaign world really well. Time will tell. Now back to prepping for DCC.
Oh yeah and if you haven’t seen the trailer. Here you go!

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Oct 192016

Things have been busy and interesting but not in a good way. So I figured I’d take a couple moments to rant about where things stand.
Yes, I’m still kicking. Nothing major has happened and life it good although just plain annoying and distracting at times. So that’s a lot of blogging and other gaming projects aren’t moving ahead as fast as I would like. But it does mean when I do post something, it’s hopefully more interesting and not just a bit fluff like this post.
Yeah. So nose to the grind stone and keep on trucking.

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Oct 172016

Ok here’s another class for DCC. I have to admit I’ve played around more with OSR stuff than DCC stuff so I like things simple. I wanted to a simple but crazy class that might be able do about anything. I came up with The Lucky Stiff. Once again this is bleeding beta so there might be some changes before the dice meet the table.
The Lucky Stiff
The time is counting til I start the campaign so I’m not doing a lot of fluff pieces for the world since I kind of want to fly by the seat of pants with few very notes and a couple of ideas and see what crazy ideas the players come up with to throw in there.

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