misc-bag-generic-grayHere’s a simple and probably fun little magic item to throw at your party. The Bag of Wonders.
Here’s your prep as DM. Take 20 index cards. Write a completely random item on each card. I mean anything from a rock, one-foot section of rope, dirty underwear, a dagger, a cursed dagger, a ray gun, hand grenade, evil artifact, anything. Let your imagination go wild. You’ll also want to keep some index cards handy too for adding an interesting item no and then.
Here’s how the Bag of Wonders works. There is more than one Bag of Wonder in the mulitverse. No one knows exactly how many there and where/when they are but they all share the same extradimensional space. There are always 20 items in the bag and these items are constantly changing. In order for a character to remove an item from the bag, they have to place an item in the bag. Characters have no control on what item they remove from the bag. It’s totally random. A character may only place/withdraw one item from the bag each day.
There you go. Have fun with it.

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I thought of this other day. Humans are the most boring race in fantasy RPG’s. Yes, there’s that human diversity, spirit and all that but compared to everyone else they’re kind of blah. So why not twist things up a bit? Let’s make them and their place in the world just a little more interesting.

  • Bottom of the Food Chain: Dwarves are resistant to poison. Many races can see in the dark. Simple things like this don’t exactly make humans the best. So play it up. They’re at the bottom of the food chain. They’re the lowest on the totem pole. You get the drift. They might not even have their own cities and kingdoms. They just hang out with the other races.
  • Invasive Species: Who says humans have to be natives to the setting? Maybe they’re from another world or plane. They showed up, escaped, got exiled or whatever. Anyway, they’re the newest race and they’re breeding like cockroaches or kudzu.
  • Not A Pure Strain: Maybe humans are the result of an odd pairing. Maybe they’re half-dwarf/half-elf. Neither of the ancient ancestors want to talk about and they probably blame each other for the mistake.
  • Wizard Did It: Yes, it’s the go-to, pat answer but it can work. Humans are artificial race created by some ancient and probably alien wizard. Maybe laughs, labor, or experimentation.
  • I’m sure there are plenty more ideas out there. Just run with it, folks. Everything in your setting should be interesting.

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    teiflingsedOK, yes. I admit it. I happen to like Tieflings. So go ahead mock me. In the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook, there arent any Tiefling subraces. So I decided to do one on my own. While the core Tiefling has pretty much a generic fiendish hetitage, Seducers have a strong incubus/succubus presence in their lineage. This is very much a social character. The Seducer is the same as the core Tiefling with following substitutions and additions:
    Fiendish Armor (Replaces Hellish Resistance): While wearing no armor or shield, the Seducer’s Armor Class is 10+Dexterity Modifier+Charisma Modifier.
    Infernal Legacy (Substitute the following spells): Seducers know the friends cantrip. At 3rd level, the character can cast charm person once per day as a 2nd level spell. At 5th level. the character can cast enthrall once per day.
    Master Manipulator: Seducers are proficient in Deception and Persuasion.
    There you go. Quick and simple.

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    Once again I stopped the local Dollar Tree. That place is just packed with cheap stuff to use for your gaming. This time I picked up some really big playing cards. OK, you might not regularly use cards but if you’re like me they do have tons of uses.
    Most notably for initiative in Savage Worlds. Yeah, if you’ve been keeping up with the other blog you should know by know that’s another of my favorite games. These cards are around 3 by 5 inches. Plenty big enough to see if you happen to have a big table and old eyes. Also they’re big enough to write little notes and house rules on just like my twist that I wrote up here.

    Big Ace of Spades, regular sized playing card & 3x5 index card.

    Big Ace of Spades, regular sized playing card & 3×5 index card.

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    Well, my painting skills aren’t getting much better. Looks like the old eyes and unsteady hands have caught up with me. But no bother. It’s just one of those things you have to accept and move on. I used the long weekend to finally get caught on the last few Bones that I picked from the FLGS (I already bolder the ranks of my orcs). I mean crap. I realized that I didn’t have a single Beholder mini. Imagine that. SO I had to add this iconic monster to the inventory.
    Also I grabbed up the the Evil Altar and the Well of Chaos. I really wish there more mini’s for dungeon features. Tables, altars, doors, or whatever. Those would be damned handy. I’ve seen a few Kickstarters but dang they just seemed too expensive for little pocket book. But hey looks there’s more goodies like these from the Bones II Kickstarter so I’ll be picking those up in a few months when they hit the FLGS. And speaking of picking up at the FLGS, there’s a few Bones I need to pick up. I don’t seem have a Purple Worm……and mummies. I need more mummies.
    evil altar well of chaos

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