May 162016

Yes, I love that old stuff but 5th Edition is pretty fun and it’s some of the same feel as those older editions. Any way, I volunteered to do a little mini-campaign at the FLGS. I’ve thrown some stuff together and brainstormed a little and used Hexographer to come up with a little map. You grognards may just get a few clues in the map about the sort things that the PC’s are going to run into. Hehehe.

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May 102016

Doing my best to stay on top of things folks. Let’s recap. I’ve ranted about Durth. Gave an overview. Showed the first of the new classes. It’s time to mess with one of the standard races. I know I’m going to have to say this a thousand times. Everything is a suggestion. Do stuff how you want. I really didn’t want to change any of the game mechanics surrounding the usual races but I wanted to mess around with them bit. So here’s the suggested Dwarves of Durth and little bit about the land they come from.
The Dwarves were once a race of mighty warriors and skilled craftsmen. Now they are a twisted and degenerate species. When the world was torn apart, the great Dwarven cities were turned into tombs. A few Dwarves attempted to dig their way out and came across the gigantic body of a mad sleeping god. The Dwarves were starving and saw when they cut its flesh; the god would heal but it was also nourishing. They built their new city around and inside the body of their new god.
The Dwarves of Durth can only eat meat. Eating vegetable matter makes them sick causing them to burp, belch, and have other lower intestinal problems. But for some reason they can still drink ale and beer without any additional side effects.
One of the Dwarven delicacies is the infamous Dwarven god jerky. The Dwarves quickly learned that they ate their god faster than it could regenerate. The solution became to feed small amounts of the divine flesh to animals. These animals were driven mad, strangely mutated, but tasted delicious (to the Dwarves, anyway).
The Dwarves have made their home in The Land of the Mad Dreamer. IT is a is a warped and twisted region. The flora and fauna have been mutated nearly beyond recognition. The water is foul and putrid. The land itself gently heaves slowly in rhythm with the breathing of an ancient sleeping god. The Mad Dreamer’s presence has warped reality in the region. Arcane magics become even more wild and unpredictable while Clerics are unable to call on the power of their gods. Those attuned to nature quickly go mad in the domain of the Mad Dreamer.

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May 032016

Work still moves along slowly and I promised last week I’d have some crunchy bits ready. So here you the Wastelander. This class is the hardened barbarian type that comes out the wastes covered in slime, blood, and ichor. This is still the beta/play test version. But it should give folks an idea of where I’m headed and how I plan on writing up the classes.
So here you go. The Wastelander

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May 022016

If you’ve been following my mundane life, I just got a new day job and that means I haven’t been blogging or writing as much as I used to or as much as I want to. But I did give myself a couple of presents over the last couple of weeks that really enriched my limited reading time.
While I was at the FLGS, I noticed this little beauty sitting on the shelf. I have the PDF but a hardcopy was just too good to pass up.
Now I’ve been playing thru the 5E version of Ravenloft. It’s classic. It’s, well, almost normal. Red and Pleasant Land takes vampires and weirdness to whole new and wonderful level. If you’ve never picked this up or looked at it. Then you’re really missing out. I won’t bore you with another review. If you want you can check out my original review before I started doing all of my gaming posts on this blog.
And speaking of Zak S. Here’s his new. The Maze of the Blue Medusa. Just freaking wow.
To put it bluntly, this is most awesome mega-dungeon I’ve seen. I don’t say that lightly because generally I’m not too fond of mega-dungeons but this one hits all the right marks. It makes sense. It’s easy for the GM to use. Although in the basic PDF there aren’t any hyperlinks which is a bit of a drawback. It’s to the point without the corny boxed text. It take so many familiar ideas and twists them just enough to make them exciting and interesting. As far as the looks. If you like the vibe of Vornheim and Red and Pleasant Land. This one continues with Zak’s style. Much smarted people than me have done wonderful reviews, just google it. Any way check it out. Buy it.
And lastly. I’ve finally picked what has become yet another classic for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. World of the Lost.
What can I say? Rafael Chandler strikes again. Dinosaurs. Ray Guns. Aliens. All set in an African backdrop. It’s odd. It’s crazy. It’s just freaking genius. And it’s one of those adventures that just keeps on giving with all sorts of random tables that you can use again and again. Oh. and it’s a hex crawl. And I love hex crawls. That you can grab up on Drivethru.
I know that probably when you started reading this post you were expecting in depth reviews. Sorry. I’m just doing a bit of blog based brainstorming and throw stuff out there. You see. There’s a good chance that I might be running a little 5E game at the FLGS in the future and I’d like to throw something new and interesting at the players. Something that will entertain and challenge veteran players and something that can show the new players that the game worlds don’t start and end with the Monster Manual. There’s so many creative things that can be done and these are just three awesome examples.

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