Jul 242016

I know posted about this via social media but here’s a little rant. It’s that time of year to gather up a bunch of those gaming goodies that you’ve been waiting for. It’s the Xmas in July sale over at OBS.
Now’s as good as time as any to do some shameless self promotion. All my stuff is on sale. It’s also a good time to mention work continues on Durth and the next issue of Gazebo Gazette. Look for the Gazette to come out first.
So what did I grab up? Well, more issues of Crawling Under a Broken Moon and few other little goodies. But more on those later. Enjoy!

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Jul 182016

Here’s another little magic weapon I made for 5E game and yes, it’s real easy to convert this over to a OSR style game.
The Blade of Darkness is a sentient Chaotic Evil magical long sword. It does not offer any bonuses To-Hit or Damage but does count as magical to overcome a creature’s resistances. It can only communicate with its wielder empathically conveying only its pleasure or displeasure with its wielder’s actions. If it get angry enough it can attempt to take control of or influence the wielder.
The Stats:
Int: 11
Wis: 11
Cha: 14 (+2)
Powers: Once per day, the Blade of Darkness can cast Arms of Hadar at 2nd level. (Save DC: 13).
When the Blade of Darkness slays a living creature roll 2d6. If the total is 2 or 12 then the slain creature returns as zombie (under no one’s control) at the beginning of the next round. On any other result, the wielder gains that many temporary Hit Points.

Artwork by Daniel F. Walthall and used under a Creative Commons License.

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Jul 132016

Another quick and dirty 3d6 table for some gaming inspiration. Coming up with those silly goblin names while you’re sleep deprived and pretty sure that the party is going to kill the little sucker any way. So since it’s been a while, here’s a little recap. Like those old school games, just roll 3d6 and put the pieces together.

1. Fuzzy
2. Curly
3. Itchy
4. Stinky
5. Crusty
6. Slimey

1. Butt
2. Finger
3. Toes
4. Tooth
5. Nose
6. Mouth

1. Licker
2. Picker
3. Kisser
4. Nibbler
5. Cutter
6. Wiper

Or heck, if the players are lazy about naming their characters. Roll for them. Ah, the epic tale of Sir Fuzz Butt Nibbler the Paladin.

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Jul 122016

In the first issue of the Gazebo Gazette, I did a little adventure called the Lost Crypt of Valcerak. Valcerak is this big bad lich of legend. Playing around with my own little world I had the so-called Lich King and played around with a few ideas with him. Then it struck me. Valcerak is the Lich King. What makes him different than you run of the mill lich. He inhabits the undercity and catacombs of the bustling and decadent city of Ularax and just about everybody knows it. So why in the world would anyone tolerate a lich in their city?
Catacombes I
The Council of Skulls: Valcerak has collected the skulls of the greatest leaders, sages, heroes, generals, philosophers, and thinkers in history. In sanctum surrounded by undead guards and servants, he is able to speak with souls of the minds the world has seen. He is more than willing to offer the advise and council of his collection to any who are willing to pay a price for information and wisdom that has been lost to the ages. Even so-called good kings and heroes have secretly asked for guidance. Ancient lore that would otherwise be unavailable to anyone could possibly be found through The Council of Skulls. Valcerak is even willing to help common adventurers for trade. He may send them off to find the lost crypt of an ancient, legendary hero or he may ask them to expedite the passing of a sage or wizard just for the opportunity to add another skull to the Council.

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