Nov 172015

Clerics have always bugged me a little. Mainly, how they get their spells. The cleric prays or does whatever the divine wants and then comes up with a list of things for the day. That just doesn’t make much sense in my little mind. Aren’t clerics also supposed to be the miracle workers? So here’s my little variation on how clerics get spells making them a little more spontaneous. So the cleric gets decide what is needed by the situation rather than guessing at the beginning of the adventuring day.
First, clerics must pray or perform whatever ritual of faith as determined by their god. This grants them access to spells but does not commit them to “memory”.
When clerics cast spells, it takes one round of prayer/spell level to cast the spell. This is any spell that the cleric is able to normally cast. The cleric may expend higher level “spell slots to speed up the casting by one per spell slot level difference but cannot reduce the casting time to less than one round. For example, if a cleric casts a third level spell but burns a fifth level spell slot then the casting time would be reduced to one round.
A cleric may prepare one spell as a contingency spell that would require only one round to cast. This, of course, must still be of a level that the cleric could cast and counts towards the cleric’s daily spell allotment.
Finally, Lamentations of the Flame Princess gets it right. Turn Undead should be a spell.

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Oct 222015

About to put on my old grognard hat. In later editions of the World’s Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game, characters could make their own potions, scrolls, and other adventuring bits. I always disliked that.
If you want to make stuff then open a shop. If you want to adventure then adventure. Sure, it’ll save some money but when it ends up being more about saving a few gold pieces and not about anything really adventurous then it’s just boring. Maybe that’s why I’ve had so many of what I consider boring times playing Traveler. So often it ended up being a game of interplanetary import/export business. And don’t even get me started on MMO’s. Sit down and play a video game to go off to an assembly line. Sigh. OK, that was today’s rant.
Have Fun. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff.

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Oct 202015

This is one of those strange ideas that popped into my head as I was getting ready to fall asleep. What if healing wasn’t all that it’s cracked up to be? What if it was addictive? Generally, healing spells are defined as using positive energy to mend up damage or some other condition. So what if filling somebody with positive energy felt good. I mean really good. This is supposed to the ultimate in life energy in the universe so shouldn’t it? And shouldn’t mortals get a little bit of sensory overload when they’re hit with it?
To the crunchy bits:
Characters can received magical healing once per day without any danger. Each time after the first, the character must make a Saving Throw versus Magic with a cumulative -1 penalty. If the character fails the save then they are addicted to healing and the feeling of being filled with positive divine energy. The character must receive a number of spell level’s worth of healing equal to their level daily or suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls and saving throws. The -2 penalty increases by – for each day that the character doesn’t received enough healing energy. Healing potions do not fulfill the craving. The character will go as far as inflicting injury upon themselves just to get healed.
OK. Now that’s pretty nasty. But wait there’s more.
Less than honest clerics have been known to intentionally get some poor souls addicted to positive energy as tool for material gain, power, or coerced conversion. But then sometimes this scheme will backfire when the cleric can’t provide enough healing and then gets ripped apart by an angry mob of addicts going through withdrawal.
There you go some food for thought and little crazy nasty idea to throw into a campaign.

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Oct 192015

Things have been busy so I’m very much behind in posting. But this one is a little shout out that it’s Halloween time and that means plenty of el cheapo things to grab up for setting that DIY dungeon mood all year around. I know the infamous Dollar Tree has had these figures before and this year I finally grabbed a couple packs. Yes, they are bigger than normal and the paint jobs ain’t exactly the best but right now I need a little zombie inspiration.
And don’t forget the day after Halloween. There’s going to be plenty of decorations and stuff on clearance.

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Oct 132015

Have Death Ray Will Travel
And another title goes up on RPGNow. Have Death Ray, Will Travel is a retro-future setting inspired by old pulpy serials, Sword & Planet adventures, the Wild West, and film noir. Want exploration? Want political intrigue? Like the Wild West with ray guns? Want a little gritty film noir? Bounty hunters? Space pirates? Gangsters? Alien emperors out to conquer the universe? It’s all there. And yes. It’s for White Star.
With luck I should have some more White Star news this week. Plus there’s more good things I’m working on. They’re just not White Star. So stay tuned for those announcements.

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