Jun 272016

Things are slow on the blog but real life and various projects keep bouncing around. But hey in case you live under a rock or just don’t care about that old-school stuff or Dungeon Crawl Classics. The Mutant Crawl Classics Kickstarter is ALIVE!

I’ve been waiting for this one ever since they announced it. If you are going to go weird and gonzo go all the way. And that’s what this little game is going to do. I’ve only looked at the free preview stuff (which BTW is linked on their Kickstarter page) and I’m really impressed and can’t wait to get my grubbing little grognard fingers on it. Go check out the stuff yourself.
This one has me excited for more reasons than normal. First, there’s my own little Shattered World of Durth that pulls inspiration from many of the same sources. So the whole genre is pretty cool and DCC is great engine for it. Second, my FLGS is closing down. Sad frowny face. So our little gamer gang is moving to a different store. Off hand, I mentioned since we were moving, we don’t really have to play Fifth Edition any more. Maybe Dungeon Crawl Classics? I got a blank look, a shrug, and a “Hell Yeah!” So I might be looking to see they are still applications for the World Tour….

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Jun 162016

It’s that time of year again. Free RPG Day is happening this weekend. Last year, I had a blast. I spent all day the FLGS running Dungeon Crawl Classics. Many PC’s died and fun was had by all. This year I’m much more heavy hearted about it. And there’s one little bit of coolness, that I really want.
Not only is my FLGS not participating this year, they just announced that they will be closing their doors in a few months. So with that, let me say again. If you have a FLGS and you like it then support it. Trust me. I know the economy isn’t exactly treating everyone the best. Deals can be had online. There’s plenty of great Kickstarters to back. And so on. Business is tough. And it’s even tougher in the small business world. So do something to support those folks.
With that being said, if you do have an FLGS or even have to drive out of your to partake in the offerings. Drop some cash before leave. Show a little support for the little guys.

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Jun 142016

Work continues on Durth. Slowly. Still working out the kinks of the new day job’s schedule and as a bonus I tried to cut off the end of one of my fingers so typing isn’t as fast as it used to be. But that will heal and I’ll get back into the swing of things sometime soon. So this week, I’m ranting about how the whole project is going in general.
I’m still pounding away at a couple of the new classes; The Mutant and The Super Science Sorcerer. These two have to be special and cool and feel like some other class reskinned but still familiar and easy to play. Speaking of Super Science, I’m working the simple and hopefully fun system for that. It’ll seem familiar to lots of folks but still cool. And monsters. There’s about two dozen now. Some may end up else where while others maybe added later. So we shall see on that. And then there’s all the world fluff. This part is coming slowly. Pages of random notes. Things edited out or rewritten just because they weren’t good enough. But hey, it’s like that.
While I was writing this last weekend, I played around with some other systems that could be used with Durth. I don’t want to say too much now, but we’ll see where my muse and the winds of fate take me on that path.

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Jun 132016

Adventurers love loot. So here’s another table for more loot.

What is it?
1. Ring
2. Cameo
3. Belt Buckle
4. Torc
5. Mosaic
6. Triptych

What’s it made from?
1. Wood
2. Bronze
3. Jade
4. Ivory
5. Gold
6. Unknown Alien Metal

What’s it depict?
1. A Hunting Scene
2. A Marriage
3. The Rise of a Great Leader
4. Religious Ceremony
5. Epic Battle
6. Ancient Fertility Rite

How much is it worth? Multiply the numbers rolled on each die times 10 gold pieces.

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Jun 082016

Here’s another 3d6 table to mess with the player characters. Because there’s always some crazy law out there.

1. Elves
2. Dwarves
3. Halflings
4. Bards
5. Clerics
6. Magic-Users

1. must wear a cow bell.
2. must wear a chastity belt.
3. must wear a very large hat.
4. must carry a large banner.
5. must wear a pink tutu.
6. must shave their heads.

1. 3d6 hours in the stocks.
2. Thrown in jail for 1d4 days.
3. Pay a 3d6 x 10 GP fine.
4. Be tarred and feathered.
5. Clean all the privies in the town.
6. Death.

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