Jun 182017

If go back the earliest days of D&D toys played a big part. Legend has it that the bulette, owlbear, and rust monster were all inspired by some cheap plastic toys. Heck, this blog started off about being cheapskate gamer and I’ve posted about various toys for gaming before. But I started thinking a little bit more about it and few more thoughts bounced in my head.

Use those crazy toys for inspiration. Let them be spark of adventures, encounters, and monsters. The weirder better. There’s a good chance some of these guys will end up in my Mutant Crawl Classics Game.

Say hello to the Poop Elemental. It just wants a hug.

Size don’t matter. Or should I say scale. I’ve gotten my grubby fingers on some cool 1/72 mini’s. Sure they are smaller than you normal D&D mini’s but if they are cool then use them. Judge them by their size. Dare you just before the level drain!

It’s OK to use mini’s. And in true OSR fashion is the rules are just guidelines then the grids are just guidelines too. Uh. No pun intended. OK maybe just a little bit of a pun there.

That is if you even bother to use grids.

Now I ain’t saying that there aren’t cool mini’s out there. I use both. Those nice prepainted ones, Reaper Bones, and whatever sparks my imagination of just looks cool. If a toy looks like it might make an interesting monster then go for it.
And you may call it nostalgia. And well it is. Breaking out these little toys brings a laugh to everyone at the table (mine anyway). It brings out the feeling of being a care free kid again. And we need more moments like that now more than ever. Take the time to giggle, laugh, and play with some toys.

Jun 132017

I ranted about elves before way back when but I still wanted a little extra something to make them more alien and just a bit different. Nor your tree hugging wild elf or that mysterious high/gray elf or whatever you want to call them. Somewhere in the bowels of the internet someone made the comparison of old D&D elves to Elric. I like that. Then this little idea popped into my brain that focuses on the standard fighter/magic-user type elf.

In ancient times, the elves make a pact with an ancient being whose name has been long lost. They wanted the power magic and immortality. The elves were granted both but not at the same time. The elves learned the power of magic and would each live for 1,000 years. They had magic but using would cost them years off their lives. The elves created an empire and rules the world for millennia but due to their arrogance and decadence their empire has crumbled. Many elves venture out into the mortal world out of boredom.

The Game Mechanics:
When the elf casts an arcane spell, roll 1d20. If the result is less than or equal to the spell’s level then elf permanently losses HP equal to the spell’s level.
And since I’m on a Dungeon Crawl Classics kick, there’s a little variation for those rules. Elves do not suffer from Corruption. Instead, any time a Corruption effect occurs, the elf loses permanently HP as above plus suffers the effects as if the character had Spellburned a number of points equal to the spell’s level (but doesn’t gain any bonus to the spell check). Additionally, Elves may voluntarily “Spellburn” HP at rate of 2/1 (1 HP=+2 bonus to the spell check). These HP are permanently lost.

Jun 102017

Like many grognards I took advantage of that OSR sale going on and I grabbed only a few things since most of the stuff that I wanted I had already bought. I even splurged and grabbed some hard copies. And yes. I am on a Dungeon Crawl Classics kick.

Purple Sorcerer Games is really noted for the Crawlers Companion. It’s tool that everybody who runs or plays DCC needs to download and use. I’ve heard awesome stuff about their adventures so I figured it’s about time that I grabbed a couple of their classics up and I’m not disappointed.
Escape from the Shrouded Fen is a 0-Level Funnel/1st Level Hex Crawl. Like so many great adventures, there aren’t any stock monsters in it. Everything the PC’s are going to face is going to just different enough that there will be surprises. Also, this is a really tough adventure even by DCC standards. That’s not a bad thing. While there is some very strong and obvious “Go this or else” signs, the PC’s still have the freedom to make those decisions and will probably suffer a horrible death. Some might consider that railroady but this is a DCC funnel. You rolled up those 0-Level’s to go out and try to make it the deadly business of Dungeon Crawling not go back to gong farming. With all that being said, if the PC’s chose the wrong path, ignore some obvious clues, and miss the subtle ones, then there’s probably going to be at least one TPK. But wait there’s more…

I also picked up the Sunken City Omnibus. I’ll admit that I haven’t had time to sit down and read Sunken City yet (I’m busy gathering my resources for impending Mutant Crawl Classics release) but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Here’s what’s cool about both of these. The mighty Purple Sorcerer throws in some cool and useful extras into the PDF’s. Handout’s. Extra notes. Write ups for extra things list Patrons. And paper mini’s. So what can I say other than “Way cool”.
I’m very pleased with these adventures. And yes I’ll be buying more. Til next time. Roll Dice. Have Fun. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff.

Jun 042017

This is why you stop by your local Dollar Tree looking for that nifty gaming or even geekery bargain.

That’s right Star Wars Micro Machines three packs for a buck each. Of course, I had to grab some. Because like Space Opera RPGing that’s why. Yeah I know a lot times there’s just cheap stuff that may or may not be that cool and their inventory doesn’t change that much. But with a little perseverance and some luck, you find those treasures. It’s just like a dungeon.

May 242017

This one started going around on G+ last week and even made the migration over to Facebook. So a bucket of mini’s and stuff for just under $10. I had to give it chance.
Here’s the gang of mini’s. I think the distribution is random because I got a bunch of the Legolas clones. But I got at least 4 or 5 of each coming to just over 40 miniatures.

So what do you get? Well, there’s the dragon, an elf, a female rogue/ranger with two swords, a Conan type guy, a berserker/warrior/Dwarf?, a stumpy handed orcd and two types of female sorceresses (one looks kind of evil). As you can see they are bigger than your standard D&D type 25/28 mm mini.

And here we go again.

And just like those commercials on TV. But wait there’s more. You get some terrain tidbits too. A couple of pillars with shields. A bridge. Some various rocks. A tombstone. A circular thing (magic circle) with odd things for flair. And a bunch of candles. On the site it shows trees but I didn’t get any.

Overall, I’d say it was pretty good haul for some cheap mini’s and swag. I saw prices of like $30 on Amazon and if my research is correct the reason for that is that these are a Toys R Us exclusive. Like I said you can grab them up for less than there and here’s the link.