teiflingsedOK, yes. I admit it. I happen to like Tieflings. So go ahead mock me. In the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook, there arent any Tiefling subraces. So I decided to do one on my own. While the core Tiefling has pretty much a generic fiendish hetitage, Seducers have a strong incubus/succubus presence in their lineage. This is very much a social character. The Seducer is the same as the core Tiefling with following substitutions and additions:
Fiendish Armor (Replaces Hellish Resistance): While wearing no armor or shield, the Seducer’s Armor Class is 10+Dexterity Modifier+Charisma Modifier.
Infernal Legacy (Substitute the following spells): Seducers know the friends cantrip. At 3rd level, the character can cast charm person once per day as a 2nd level spell. At 5th level. the character can cast enthrall once per day.
Master Manipulator: Seducers are proficient in Deception and Persuasion.
There you go. Quick and simple.

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Once again I stopped the local Dollar Tree. That place is just packed with cheap stuff to use for your gaming. This time I picked up some really big playing cards. OK, you might not regularly use cards but if you’re like me they do have tons of uses.
Most notably for initiative in Savage Worlds. Yeah, if you’ve been keeping up with the other blog you should know by know that’s another of my favorite games. These cards are around 3 by 5 inches. Plenty big enough to see if you happen to have a big table and old eyes. Also they’re big enough to write little notes and house rules on just like my twist that I wrote up here.

Big Ace of Spades, regular sized playing card & 3x5 index card.

Big Ace of Spades, regular sized playing card & 3×5 index card.

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Well, my painting skills aren’t getting much better. Looks like the old eyes and unsteady hands have caught up with me. But no bother. It’s just one of those things you have to accept and move on. I used the long weekend to finally get caught on the last few Bones that I picked from the FLGS (I already bolder the ranks of my orcs). I mean crap. I realized that I didn’t have a single Beholder mini. Imagine that. SO I had to add this iconic monster to the inventory.
Also I grabbed up the the Evil Altar and the Well of Chaos. I really wish there more mini’s for dungeon features. Tables, altars, doors, or whatever. Those would be damned handy. I’ve seen a few Kickstarters but dang they just seemed too expensive for little pocket book. But hey looks there’s more goodies like these from the Bones II Kickstarter so I’ll be picking those up in a few months when they hit the FLGS. And speaking of picking up at the FLGS, there’s a few Bones I need to pick up. I don’t seem have a Purple Worm……and mummies. I need more mummies.
evil altar well of chaos

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foam blocks
I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and saw these little beauties. I bypassed them at first but dang there are so many things you can do with blocks: Terrain, flying bases, makers or whatever on the game board. Your basic blocks are can be almost anything your little hears can imagine. Heck, if you don’t like the colors, I’ve heard you can even paint this stuff (but it does soak up the paint like crazy). These aren’t Styrofoam but that same stuff that the foam sheets you find in the same store are made from. They’re light weight and fairly durable. And 50 for a buck, ain’t bad. Here you can see a couple with some mini’s for scale. Not bad, cheap, and the uses are limited only by your creativity.
for scale

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This is something that has pretty much bugged me through every edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Yes, I know there a little boosts in Armor Class but generally the only way a fighter gets harder to hit is to buy better armor. And, yes, I know they get more Hit Points. But let’s face it the “What do Hit Points mean?” Debate has been going on for nearly four decades.
Without throwing too many monkey wrenches into the works, I came up the idea of Minimum AC. So just what is Minimum AC? OK, that’s the worst AC a character can have despite armor (or lack there of) and penalties. Fighters have a Minimum AC based on their level.
It’s pretty simple. THe character’s AC is improved by level divided by 3, rounded down. So an 11th level Fighter’s AC would be improved by 3. Since I’m a Swords & Wizardry fan, that would be be -3[+3]. So unarmored the character’s AC would be 6[13] but if the character had a better AC due to equipment then use that.
It’s not a huge game breaking change and might not come into play that often but it could save a fighter’s bacon.

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